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People how to distinguish disease and other chronic pyelonep

2017-01-24 16:57

1 renal tuberculosis, the disease may have fever, urinary tract irritation and pyuria and other symptoms, and similar pyelonephritis. But the symptoms of bladder irritation are very obvious and persistent. Urinary sediment smear acid fast bacilli can be found, such as TB positive urine bacteria could be identified, when necessary for intravenous pyelography, such as the discovery of vermiform destruction of renal parenchyma defect is of help in diagnosis of renal tuberculosis.
2 chronic glomerulonephritis, such as edema, a large number of proteinuria is not difficult to identify. The amount of urine protein pyelonephritis in 1 ~ 2g/d, if more than 3G are glomerular lesions. But this disease and glomerulonephritis is difficult to differentiate, there are more red blood cells in the urine, and pyelonephritis in white cells. In addition, urine culture, long-term observation of patients with fever, frequent urination and other symptoms also helps identify. Advanced nephritis secondary to urinary tract infection, difficult to identify, at this time can be asked in detail the history, combined with clinical features to be analyzed.
3 lower urinary tract infection, upper and lower urinary tract infection after treatment and different, so the diagnosis is very important. When the fever and other symptoms of pyelonephritis and lumbago, kidney pain of kidney was not obvious, easy for clinical urinary tract infection. Urine antibody coated bacteria positive is helpful to the diagnosis of pyelonephritis. When necessary to do bladder irrigation and sterilization method of urine culture, if bladder irrigation was saved after sterilization of 100min urinary bladder bacteria number less, suggesting that the number of bacteria before and after sterilization such as cystitis, similar to pyelonephritis.
There is a known urethral syndrome, occurs in middle-aged women, with frequent micturition, micturition not free as the main performance, is often mistaken for atypical chronic pyelonephritis and long-term application of antibiotics in the treatment of blind or even cause adverse consequences, must be identified, the leukocyte patients can also increase, but the bacterial culture of urine negative for identification.

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