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Keep Silent Nephritis Will Outbreak

2017-03-16 10:44

Miss Wang often dizziness, feeling boring, walking was flustered for half a year, go to several hospitals, were diagnosed as anemia, eat a variety of Chinese medicine, Western medicine, nutritional supplements, but there is no effect, hemoglobin is 6 grams, check renal function found serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen were significantly higher, So that is what it is. She is suffering from chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency has become uremia.


Mention nephritis, people will immediately emerge a nephritis face - swollen face, which is a live signs of nephritis. In fact, the nephritis which performance is edema accounted for only part of nephritis. There are many other performance of nephritis, in addition to edema, there are anemia, hypertension, oliguria, polyuria, the development of uremia, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.. Also nephritis has no symptoms, we call it latent nephritis.


Occult nephritis is a manifestation of chronic glomerulonephritis, usually manifested as silent symptoms. The characteristics are that patients have no any clinical symptoms, olny the urine routine test is not normal, such as urine protein test positive, urine occult blood test positive, persistent or recurrent hematuria under microscope, phase contrast microscopy showed a large number of abnormal red blood cells etc.. If do the kidney biopsy, pathological changes of kidney tissue can be found on the structure, such as mesangial proliferation, small lesion type, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis (including IgA nephropathy), focal segmental proliferative glomerulonephritis. The disease is more common in young people, mostly at the age of 10 to 30 years, more than 40 years old, men is more than women. The onset is occult, often lack of edema and high blood pressure and other characteristics of glomerulonephritis, bilateral nonspecific waist pain may be the only symptom in the history. The main is abnormal urine, many patients are found in the accident from the routine examination of the urine, or because of cold, fever or urine examination confirmed for the first time or found in physical examination.


Due to the occurrence and development of latent nephritis is very subtle, therefore the disease cannot be found early, most occult nephritis patients lose the timely therapy, which is the real "invisible killer".  A part of patients develop into renal failure, even uremia after a few years recessive(may also be more than ten years or decades). In clinical often see a lot of patients entered the stage of chronic renal failure when be found. Asked the medical history, patients often deny suffering from nephritis. In the sudden process of chronic renal failure patients, a considerable number of people are occult nephritis sufferer. If early detection, early treatment, renal failure could have been avoided.


How can we find out whether suffer from latent nephritis? Regular urine tests should be done regularly. A lot of units conduct a routine physical examination for the unit staff every year, there are patients who are detect proteinuria or microscopic hematuria in a routine physical examination, and then further check then diagnosis nephritis. However, there are many units do not routine urine examination. It's not a correct thing to do actually. All units should carry out an annual physical examination, all the annual physical examination should include routine urine examination, so that patients with occult nephritis can be found and timely treatment.


The incidence of occult nephritis is higher in children and adolescents. Parents should pay close attention to their children. A simple way is: if the urine splashed many foam, like beer or washing powder water, foam is enduring, it may be a signal of proteinuria; if the urine color is like washing meat or tea, that is hematuria. Should be timely to go to the hospital for examination, if necessary, do renal puncture for diagnosis. In particular, the family has patients with kidney disease, vigilance is essential.

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