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Elderly chronic pyelonephritis urine

2017-01-24 16:56

Microscopic examination of white blood cells, white blood cells (or pus cells) tube type, it is suggested that lesions in the upper urinary tract. Red blood cells can also increase, hematuria and even for the naked eye hematuria. Urinary protein can be increased, but the general <2.0g/d, mostly small molecular proteins, renal tubular dysfunction, the proportion of urine can be reduced, morning urine pH increased.
Leukocyte excretion indicates an increase in urinary tract inflammation, also has an important significance in diagnosis. Pyuria occurs at a rate of approximately 37% of asymptomatic bacteriuria, white blood cell >5 /mm3 is abnormal excretion. There is a significant correlation between the urinary tract and pyuria, can be used as initial screening method. Leukocyte esterase test strip was 100% on the sensitivity of bacteriuria and positive urine culture such as prediction under microscope, combined with microscopic pyuria and bacteriuria, the specificity was 100%.
Use of antibiotics or chemotherapy drugs, will soon be rendered sterile pyuria. Aseptic pyuria is renal tuberculosis, calculi, analgesic abuse, a handful of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria infection performance. Urinary tract injury such as Chlamydia urethritis, nephritis and nephropathy were sterile pyuria.
Urinary tract infection without pyuria in drug and regeneration disorders caused by leukopenia, distal renal collecting system of infectious diseases (such as renal cortical abscess), occasionally obstructive urinary tract disease.
White blood cell urine is not a constant feature of urinary tract infection, urine samples for several consecutive changes in white blood cell count. Single urine specimen can not find evidence of white blood cells should not be regarded as sterile urine. Pyuria depends on urine flow and urinary pH value. Within a day, the number of urine bacteria can also be different, generally speaking, it is advisable to check urine samples.
White blood cell casts are reliable evidence of inflammatory disease of the upper urinary tract, but not the same as the granular tubules. When the common active pyelonephritis to the type. Fresh urine samples should be used when making tube count.
Microscopic hematuria is not a reliable evidence of bacterial infection. No proteinuria, urinary tract infection, urinary protein excretion was lower than 2.0g/24h.

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