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The elderly blood routine examination of chronic pyelonephri

2017-01-24 16:54
White blood cell count and neutrophil in acute stage can be increased, and erythrocyte count and hemoglobin in chronic phase can be decreased slightly.

A serological examination of clinical significance: 1 urine antibody coated bacteria examination, observation with fluorescein labeled anti human antibody treatment of urinary bacteria under fluorescence microscopy, if the surface antibody coated mostly belongs to pyelonephritis, is helpful to diagnosis of urinary tract infection; serotype identification of the bacteria in the urine, nature help to differentiate recurrent pyelonephritis, if the hair is the same with the previous group is 2 times for recurrence, and different serotypes for re infection.
Kidney function tests in chronic phase may be persistent impairment: the concentration of renal dysfunction such as nocturia increased, urine osmotic concentration decreased; the renal dysfunction such as urinary acidification increased pH, HCO3- in urine increased, urine NH4+ decreased; the glomerular filtration function such as creatinine clearance rate, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine increased.

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