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Facial edema is a sign of kidney disease?

2017-04-26 16:20
Face edema is a common phenomenon in life,sometimes we wake up and find our face swollen.For the first time that people will feel panic-stricken.So how is the face edema in the end?Is there any relationship between facial edema and kidney disease?Here we will introduce:
 1.Sleep is not good
If you stay up late at night (watching TV, surfing the Internet, etc.) less sleep, the morning after it is prone to eye swollen, swollen face and some pain;Again, some people nervous, sleep at night is not steadfast(that is often said sleep frequently), the morning may also face swelling.
 2.Drink a lot of water
Some people drink a lot of water before going to bed, so the face is swollen after wake up in the morning, but in the daytime will disappear.
 3.Heart and kidney function is not good
Swelling of the face is one of the early signs of kidney disease, and acute and chronic disease of internal medicine can cause swelling of the face.Need to go to a regular professional hospital to do a urine routine, check renal function.
There are several reasons for the swelling of the face, many of which are due to the swelling caused by kidney disease, and most of the terrible kidney, not only from the kidney disease itself, as well as the development of the disease, caused by a series of lesions.Because we don't know what causes that is swollen face, so we can't look down upon the facial swelling, if more serious, the best that go to the hospital to check, so as not to delay the disease.

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