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How to observe the symptoms of occult nephritis

2017-05-02 17:22

At present, a lot of patients in the health examination were found with chronic latent nephritis disease, this disease is generally not obvious symptoms. Because occult nephritis, occult, no edema, no clinical manifestations, no hypertension and renal damage. Therefore, it can also be characterized by hematuria or proteinuria, which is a manifestation of chronic glomerulonephritis. If there is a persistent hematuria found in the urine test, there may be edema, increased blood pressure, etc., but when there is no incentive, and then return to the original state of concealment. This phenomenon belongs to the symptoms of occult nephritis, and the prognosis of these patients is poor, easy to slow development of renal insufficiency. The pathological changes were obvious in the early stage of mesangial cell proliferation, membrane hyperplasia, membranous nephritis and focal sclerosis nephritis. Or recurrent hematuria, is characteristic of the disease, such as respiratory tract infection, cold, fever and overwork and some other factors, resulting in gross hematuria occurred in 1 ~ 3 days, a few days after the gross hematuria disappeared, sometimes accompanied by pain, body discomfort and other features. There are found to have persistent proteinuria, 24 hours urine protein quantitation in more than 1G, urine sediment is normal, or only a few particle tube type, red blood cells are generally not more than 5 /HP. The pathological changes were mild mesangial proliferation or focal mesangial proliferation.

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