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Membranous nephropathy how to treat? Kidney disease can be c

2017-05-02 20:14
Membranous nephropathy is a pathological diagnosis of nouns, its characteristic is the pathological changes of glomerular capillary loop in the epithelial side showed a large number of immune complex deposition. The majority of patients with nephrotic syndrome onset, about 20% of patients with asymptomatic, non nephrotic proteinuria. Membranous nephropathy how to treat? Kidney disease can be cured?
Guo Bao leaf experts say: kidney medicine clinical course between patients with membranous nephropathy disparity, showing the three outcome: spontaneous remission, persistent proteinuria with stable renal function, persistent proteinuria and renal function decline, so there has been much controversy on the treatment of membranous nephropathy. Some scholars believe that spontaneous membranous nephropathy had a higher remission rate (30%), it does not advocate the start of immunosuppressive therapy after diagnosis; another view is that there are some membranous nephropathy patients progressed to end-stage renal failure, should be actively treated with immunosuppressant.
Generally, the urine protein is a reflection of renal glomerular filtration function. If the permeability of glomerular tissue cells increases, some of the large molecules can be removed through the cells. In general, the urine protein of patients with nephritis will be abnormal. Control the development of the disease, to avoid the development of renal function. In the method of hospital treatment is the most effective use of Chinese medicine treatment, western medicine can timely control the inflammatory reaction often clinically, but the basic reason for the inflammatory reaction such as kidney in a variety of toxic substances can not be fully cleared; and the active substances in traditional Chinese medicine will be cleared thoroughly on a variety of toxic substances produced by inflammatory reaction, and pay more attention to the repair of renal function.

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