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"People change" shortened my way to cure kidney

2017-05-03 15:04

Some people say that patients with kidney disease are the pursuit of perfection, they live, work, endless endless demands, always want to achieve perfection. In fact, we live under the same sky, perhaps under the wall scattered Qingcheng bright yellow sunflowers, since I couldn't choose the homeland, can let oneself in the dim sunlight burn out in a brilliant, since fate let me have a kidney disease, can only choose to change their own destiny, and fight!

I work in the bank, this is the envy of many people and the desire to work, but we only see the bright side of us, but did not see, when the night falls, we still check the accounts at the bank, not a man a penny. I am really a person who is too pursuit of perfection, the first to come every day, the last one to go, every year as excellent employees, but unfortunately, I have come to the unconscious.

Three months ago, I always feel tired every day, strong work, go to the hospital to check found urine protein urine occult blood + + + + +, and the doctor said I suffering from nephritis. The relationship between drag live in the best hospital, to find the best doctor, but this disease is nothing more than to eat so some medicine, the doctor quietly told my husband, this disease can not be cured, only is dialysis or a kidney transplant.

When the husband heard the news of the special fear, he carefully every day to take care of me, but also a lot of mobilization I do not go to work, but I can not do without their own work, and resolutely refused. Stay in hospital for a long time, I see serious to dialysis patients every day, as long as you don't like inflatable balloon like dialysis belly, I began to eavesdrop on the results, not to regard it as right, I also like them, I'm afraid. Is this disease can only go to that step?

Was removed by a friend know Weifang Funeng kidney hospital, the hospital said they went to CCTV, and his special idea of avant-garde, they not only is the treatment of nephritic disease itself, but starting from the "governance". People are considered to be the root cause of all diseases, if a person's wrong way of life, living habits do not change, then the best panacea can not break the limits of human instinct. And friends also said that one of their loved ones have been treated, saying that the effect is very good, as long as they can do according to their requirements, to make people change, we will be able to succeed!

After listening to the words of my friends, I think for a few days, I also deeply aware that the treatment can not only treat the disease itself. Now the hospital is basically based on laboratory indicators of drug treatment, see the kidney to treat the kidney, kidney treatment on the kidney, do not care about the physiological characteristics of the kidney, pathological features, etc.. I decided to come and have a try.

After come, first of all let me feel here especially harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, doctors and nurses like their loved ones, will come two or three times about your illness and every day, make you feel like at home here. Doctors organize experts to give you a consultation to determine the treatment plan, but also allows you to learn Guo Fu Guo kidney kidney theory, the most important thing is to make you change". And the doctor also according to your condition, help you to develop a diet plan, schedule plan, state of mind program, etc., a person with a positive and optimistic attitude, we must have the confidence to overcome the disease.

In Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine under the guidance of more than a month's time, I was relieved, urine protein, urine occult blood + +, the doctor said, stick to it, I can mobilize the body instinct, overcome kidney disease! I also believe that the day is not far away, "people change" shorten the path of my kidney.

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