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Why is the person that does not have function of the kidney

2017-05-03 15:51

Chicken soup nutrition is rich and delicious, many families regard chicken soup as nourishing Jiapin, at the same time, the family also has a pot of chicken soup. But not all people are suitable to drink chicken soup, because the nutrients in the soup, is a small amount of water from chicken oil, chicken skin, chicken and chicken bone in the dissolution of soluble small molecule protein, fat and inorganic salts. The protein contained in the soup is only about 7% of the chicken, while the soup of chicken oil are mostly saturated fatty acids. Therefore, patients suffering from the following diseases are not easy to drink chicken soup, including patients with renal insufficiency.

1, renal insufficiency:

Chicken soup contains some small proteins, suffering from acute nephritis, chronic renal failure and uremia patients, the patients of kidney and liver on protein decomposition products cannot be handled in time, drink soup will cause hypernatremia, aggravating illness.

2, hyperlipidemia:

The fat in chicken soup is absorbed, can cause cholesterol to rise further. Cholesterol is too high, will be deposited in the intima of the blood vessels, causing coronary atherosclerosis and other diseases.

3, hypertension:

Patients with high blood pressure to drink chicken soup, in addition to hardening of the arteries, but also will continue to increase blood pressure, it is difficult to fall.

4, biliary disease:

Cholecystitis and gallstones often hair, it is not appropriate to drink chicken soup, because of the need to participate in the digestion of fat in chicken bile, drinking chicken soup will stimulate the gallbladder contraction, easy to cause cholecystitis attack.

5, excessive gastric acid:

Chicken soup stimulates gastric acid secretion. Therefore, patients suffering from gastric ulcer, gastric acid or gastric bleeding, generally do not drink chicken soup.

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