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How can we detect that he is not having nephritis

2017-05-04 16:55
Morning, look in the mirror and comb my hair, is that a lot of people do things every day.Shizuyasu nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine expert tips: In the mirror, there is no swelling around the lower eyelid may wish to carefully observe one, it's a big deal related to the health of the kidneys!
Qingdao Jing Kang nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine experts say: The nephritis is the most common site of swelling around the eyelids, where the subcutaneous tissue is relatively loose, prone to swelling.In addition, ankle part of the site is also common in nephritis edema, often the morning light sunset to the performance of weight, parts of swollen by pressing with a finger, depression often occurs.
More than 90% of nephritis by physical examination to find out
"Nephritis is the time of physical examination usually can find out.The project will include general medical examination and urine routine and renal function, and renal ultrasound and other projects, 90% per cent of nephritis, can be detected through the detection of the above projects."Qingdao Jing Kang nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that, Early in addition to edema, often asymptomatic, and, when advanced, usually there will be abnormal the urine (hematuria, proteinuria), high blood pressure and other symptoms.
Therefore, shizuyasu nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine experts remind you: attention should be paid to the adoption of routine examination of the urine, an early clue was found that in glomerulonephritis.
Common symptoms of nephritis includes:
Hematuria: blood in the urine is often said, Static experts said Kang nephropathy Comparison of typical acute nephritis There will be bright red blood in the urine, And a number of other chronic nephritis And there is no obvious bright red urine, But under a microscope, you can see the broken red blood cells in urine, is what we call microscopic hematuria, this needs to be done can be found in the urinary sediment examination.
Proteinuria: As the name suggests is the emergence of protein in the urine, Protein is a very important component of the blood, The most common protein called albumin Under normal circumstances, it will not appear in the urine, and when after kidney inflammation, it will be filtered by the kidney, leakage of urine, and excrete it in the urine out.When there are a lot of protein in the urine, and your urine looks to be filled with a lot of bubbles.
High blood pressure: There is a high incidence of hypertension in the crowd, But health experts emphasized the nephropathy After the initial hypertension, also need to be careful to exclude the existence of nephritis, because most nephritis, in the middle and late will have the performance of high blood pressure.
Suffering from nephritis were treated in time
"Nephritis various types, different nephritis have a different predilection of people, such as easier for children with acute nephritis, likely to suffer from the elderly with membranous nephropathy."Qingdao experts, the Jing Kang nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine Older people or people with basic diseases, Such as diabetes, Chronic hepatitis Tuberculosis, gastrointestinal ulcer, After suffering from nephritis, Such patients at increased risk of complications arising in the course of treatment, On the drug in nephritis, there is a certain taboos or concerns, the treatment becomes difficult for the progression of increased risk.
In addition, static health experts also pointed out that the nephropathy If you do not receive timely treatment of nephritis, Can lead to worsening of renal function The last people to say uremia, the need for renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis), but also increases the probability of the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
Qingdao Jing Kang nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine experts said: "In general, Normal, full course of treatment, Can be better to control or delay the progression of chronic nephritis, A small number of lesions of acute and severe patients will progress to advanced stages of kidney disease, require long-term dialysis or a kidney transplant."
To have appeared in patients with renal insufficiency, Qingdao Jing Kang nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine expert reminds: the need for proper control of total amount of protein intake, as well as avoid eating foods high in potassium, such as star fruit, mushrooms, and so on.Care, is regular monitoring of blood pressure, if the word edema of the lower extremities, but also to avoid long-term brake and the excessive activities, mainly by resting the affected tendon.

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