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Diet attention of glomerulonephritis

2017-05-06 10:06

Authority of the kidney hospital experts to introduce you:

(1): Chinese cabbage cabbage Brassica (B.campestris L.) by evolved. Every 100g of vegetables containing water 93-95g, carbohydrate 2.3-3.2g, protein 1.4-2.5g, vitamin C30-40mg, cellulose 0.6-1.4g, and other vitamins and minerals. Fried food, soup, pickled. Therefore, patients with glomerulonephritis, you can hold the cabbage, not only can be added to the lack of vitamins, when you can eat soup, and vitamin supplements, but also added to the body of minerals.

(2): melon available water swelling, eliminating phlegm, detoxification. Melon is rich in vitamin C, per gram of melon Taiwan potassium 135 mg, 9.5 mg sodium, sodium is a low amount of vegetables, the need for low sodium food hypertension, kidney disease, edema of glomerular nephritis patients, particularly suitable.

(3) pumpkin: what kind of vegetables do you have? Bu Yi Qi, anti-inflammatory analgesic, detoxification of pesticides, urine red astringent adverse. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, can effectively prevent and cure diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, but also can help the liver and kidney function of patients with increased liver and kidney cell regeneration ability. It is important to note that stomach patients should not eat, is generally a healthy person also should not eat too much, otherwise easy to cause abdominal distension.

(4) radish: phlegm, thirst diuretic. Radish is rich in nutrients, vitamin C content in the best among the general vegetables, is 10 times the average fruit. Radish contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., but also contains crude cellulose, methyl mercaptan, hydrogenated cooked liquid, tissue amino acids, iodine, potassium, manganese, boron and other beneficial substances. Radish contains a variety of substances are very beneficial to human health. In daily life, not only raw food, but also can be made of other food to make a good look or delicious soup, you can get more nutrition, but also can be used to assist in the treatment of certain diseases.

(5) leaf lettuce: glomerulonephritis what to eat vegetables? Indications of adverse urination, hematuria, milk. L0 grams of protein containing 500 grams of leaf lettuce, carotene 20-40 mg, vitamin 10-15 mg, the content of potassium, calcium and phosphorus inorganic salt is also less. If you eat 400 grams of lettuce leaves one day, one day will be able to meet the demand of carotene; eat 500 grams of radish leaves every day, the demand of the vitamin is enough.

(6) spinach: eat spinach, not only can be added to the body of the lack of iron, and spinach itself contains a lot of vitamins, but also one of the best choice for patients with glomerulonephritis. According to the analysis of the condition of the disease, the diet of glomerulonephritis should be defined in the diet, and it is necessary to limit the requirements of protein, salt and vitamins.

The above is the introduction of the diet should pay attention to what the introduction of the principles of dietary treatment according to the patient's renal function and the degree of proteinuria to determine, should also pay attention to the patient's edema and blood pressure. Make a comprehensive analysis to determine how to diet therapy. Finally I wish you good health.

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