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Cold can also cause glomerulonephritis?

2017-05-06 10:36

Mr. Zhang is young and promising, age is not large, it is already a unit of middle management. Because the body is in good condition, usually have a headache and slight fever, don't put in the mind, last month accidentally caught a cold, headache, loss of appetite, edema and hematuria symptoms about a week after the cold, after the hospital examination, diagnosed with acute glomerulonephritis, which makes him much distress.

According to the first hospital of Nanjing, the chief physician of the hospital, Dr. Li Zhuang, acute glomerulonephritis is a common disease, a higher incidence of men. In the cause of acute nephritis, upper respiratory tract infection accounted for 60% to 70%. Spring weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, sooner or later, low temperature, bacteria and viruses are very active, upper respiratory tract infection is easy to pop, especially when the cold virus induced immune function disorder, immune cells not only phagocytosis of bacteria, but the bacteria contained, bacteria and bacteria disease antibody in the body itself into a combination of immune complexes with the blood circulation to the kidneys, then deposited into intrinsic glomerular cells, eventually leading to the occurrence of nephritis.

Acute nephritis mostly in sore throat or upper respiratory tract infection after 1 to 2 weeks of onset. When the disease as follows: there is an important loss of appetite, fatigue, headache, nausea and vomiting; no control fever infection in some patients, the general body temperature at 38 degrees Celsius; urine volume decreased, the color is dark and cloudy, and hematuria, but the duration is not long, a few days later and more into the mirror the vast majority of patients with hematuria; urine routine examination have protein, general after 2 to 3 weeks for a small amount of urine protein, disappeared in 2 to 3 months, such as persistent proteinuria is transformed into chronic nephritis performance.

Lou director reminded the young people, do not think that a cold have a fever is trivial, must be timely treatment, 1 to 2 weeks is not recovered as cold or cold, fever, pain, fatigue and blood in the urine or bubble urine routine examination should be done as soon as possible, don't be hard to carry. If early diagnosis and treatment of acute nephritis, the majority of patients with renal function can gradually return to normal. Treatment should not be their own chaos to take all kinds of advertising drugs, many drugs will increase the burden on the kidneys, may aggravate the condition.

After careful examination and standard treatment, Mr. Zhang's condition has been basically recovered and discharged firmly to remember the doctor's words: cold again small, also not underestimate disease.

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