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How to treat sexual life in patients with nephritis

2017-05-06 10:41

Recently, some people asked about the role of glomerulonephritis and sexual function, a simple answer is as follows, the problem of glomerulonephritis itself or to find a medical department of nephropathy experts. Acute and chronic glomerulonephritis. Acute glomerulonephritis is an acute onset with hematuria, proteinuria, edema and hypertension as the main manifestations. Some of the acute nephritis can be cured, part of the development of chronic nephritis. Chronic nephritis is persistent, slow progress of the disease, will eventually develop into chronic renal failure, the clinical manifestations of edema, hypertension, proteinuria, hematuria and renal damage as the basic performance.

In severe cases of acute nephritis should prohibit sexual life, if this period of life, can make the illness worse, even persistent disease or chronic nephritis may. Chronic nephritis and chronic renal insufficiency patients have different degrees of sexual dysfunction, performance of sexual desire decline, low or loss of libido. Male impotence, erectile dysfunction; female amenorrhea, menstrual disorders, etc..

Some drugs have adverse effects on sexual function. Such as antihypertensive drug methyldopa, guanethidine may appear ejaculation difficulty or not significantly impaired ejaculation; female sexuality and orgasm loss. Hormones and immunosuppressive agents can damage the gonads, causing serious sexual dysfunction.

Sexual health care should be paid attention to:

(1) acute nephritis should prohibit sexual life, the disease can be cured before the normal sex life.

(2) if the disease is mild and the renal function is good, it can control the frequency of sexual life. Even if there is glomerulonephritis, does not mean to give up sex life, in fact, moderate sexual life for their physical and mental health is a positive energy.

(3) non sexual life (including active or passive) in uremic patients. Hemodialysis or kidney transplant patients, sexual desire to varying degrees of recovery, attention should be paid to control, do not make excessive fatigue.

(4) fertility problems may be considered in the care of women with mild symptoms and normal renal function

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