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What are the symptoms of female chronic nephritis

2017-05-09 14:32

What are the symptoms of chronic nephritis in women have a great harm to the human body, according to incomplete statistics, the prevalence rate of nephritis in China is 2% ~ 4%, the number of patients suffering more. Due to the development and deterioration of kidney disease, every year, about 96 to 100 people died of renal failure. So, what are the symptoms of chronic nephritis in women under the Beijing Shijiazhuang nephropathy specialist hospital for the introduction of experts.


The early symptoms of nephritis in women, most often feel is kidney pain, including unilateral or bilateral renal colic or kidney pain, kidney disease caused by abnormal urine is mainly hematuria, proteinuria, pyuria etc.. Because of the large renal reserve unit, part of nephron damage and impaired renal function is not obvious, if we can promptly pay attention to early symptoms of kidney disease, early detection of kidney disease, timely treatment, so the treatment of kidney disease will be greatly improved.

1, abnormal urine: due to the decline in renal function, kidney disease patients can appear less urine (24 hours urine volume less than 400 ml) or no urine. If you take diuretics, there may be polyuria phenomenon. In addition, renal dysfunction may also lead to increased nocturia, urinary retention symptoms. Glomerular damage, leading to kidney disease patients often have hematuria (microscopic or macroscopic both), pyuria and proteinuria and other symptoms. Proteinuria exceeds 3. 5 g / day is an important feature of glomerular proteinuria.

2, renal edema, edema is the result of increased intercellular fluid volume, intercellular fluid volume increase is the result of water sodium retention, the main reason is that kidney disease resulting in reduced glomerular filtration rate, resulting in water and sodium excretion disorder, which appeared symptoms of renal edema.

3, renal colic, renal pain: renal colic is a sudden severe renal pain, intermittent or persistent seizures, and even paroxysmal exacerbation. Some patients may show atypical renal colic, that is, mild or rapid relief of angina.

4, high blood pressure: some patients with kidney disease may be due to renal vascular or renal damage caused by high blood pressure, high blood pressure is often accompanied by anemia or hypoproteinemia.

What are the symptoms of women with chronic nephritis tips: to strengthen the exercise of prevention of nephritis. The main cause of nephritis is infection, especially streptococcal infection. Therefore, the best way to prevent nephritis is to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance to disease, in order to reduce the upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat, tonsillitis and other diseases. And control blood sugar and blood pressure. Today, diabetes and high blood pressure patients increased year by year, this kind of disease is easy to concurrent nephritis, cause uremia. Therefore, we must develop a good habit of life, get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, regular health checks, early detection of diabetes and hypertension, effective control of blood sugar and blood pressure.


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