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What are the symptoms before the onset of chronic nephritis

2017-05-09 14:48

Chronic nephritis is a kind of nephropathy, the treatment is more trouble, the disease is easy to relapse, to bring great distress to the patient. So the key to prevent the occurrence of the disease, we need to understand what is the symptoms of chronic nephritis before the onset of the following by the United States and the United States, the United States hospital expert for your answers.

1, abnormal urine

Patients will often appear bubble abnormalities and increase, it is necessary to cause vigilance. This is mainly due to the presence of a certain amount of protein in urine, the leakage of protein is due to glomerular lesions. Therefore, if the occurrence of persistent urine after a long period of foam to be vigilant, should be timely medical treatment to do urine routine, 24 hours urine protein quantitative examination. In clinical, the amount of bleeding, the naked eye can be perceived as the naked eye hematuria; less bleeding, the naked eye can not see, microscopic observation can be found under microscopic hematuria.

2, edema

Edema is a very common manifestation, often in the eyelids, face, ankle and back hip. Severe cases can be accompanied by pleural effusion, ascites and perineum (scrotum, labia) edema.

3, other symptoms

For example, the emergence of mental weakness, loss of appetite, limb soft weakness, pale, anemia, etc., should be considered chronic renal failure, should be done in a timely manner blood, urine, the relevant examination.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have a detailed understanding, I hope you can add in the usual observation of their physical condition, develop good personal habits, a key role for disease prevention.

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