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Complications of chronic nephritis

2017-05-09 14:54

Chronic nephritis and other kidney diseases, there will be some complications. Here are the most common complications of chronic nephritis:

1 patients with chronic nephritis, hypertension, anemia, often lead to increased burden on patients with heart, and even myocarditis, heart failure and other symptoms.

2 due to the long-term damage of patients, the patient's immune function is low, prone to infection, including upper respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and other infections. Once the infection is aggravated. The infection itself is not obvious, difficult to treat.

3 edema, usually from the facial edema began to lower limbs, and then to systemic edema, and finally there may be pleural effusion and ascites. Recommends that patients do care.

4 of course, complications are far more than these, there are other aspects such as: water metabolism, protein 1+2+3+, sodium potassium metabolism disorders, acidosis and other complications of chronic nephritis. However, the most common complications of chronic nephritis are common.

The above is the complication of chronic nephritis, life health care Jingdong Yumei nephropathy hospital experts recommend that patients pay attention, do not eat spicy foods in the diet, salty food, foods contain more protein, which will make the kidney burden, is not conducive to treatment and rehabilitation, want patients to pay attention, and check active treatment for a speedy recovery.

Hope that the answer can help you, cure and prevention of chronic nephritis is a double combination can quickly recover, if there is doubt what patients can contact online experts, we will protect your health.

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