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Got Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis serious?

2017-05-12 14:26

Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis (HSP) is a disease with higher and higher incidence in recent years. Many patients suffer from anaphylactoid purpura and are not treated in time, which results in kidney damage to the patients. So, in the end got Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis serious? What harm does it have, then the Shijiazhuang nephrology hospital nephrology experts to answer this question for everyone.

anaphylatic purpura nephritis

The various symptoms of purpura nephritis harm:

1. a horrible spot that appears on the skin. This is a rash caused by disease, so there will be a lot of spots on the body of the patient in general, these spots are symmetrical on the patient's skin, this is the first symptom of purpura nephritis.

2. patients with Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis may also suffer from joint discomfort. Many patients are unable to exercise because of this symptom, especially those who are very fond of exercise.

3. of the patients developed gastrointestinal diseases. Many patients suffering from purpura nephritis will not want to eat after, abdominal pain, diarrhea is also common, and this is one of the symptoms of purpura nephritis.

In conclusion, after purpura nephritis will bring various influence to the patient's body, if not timely treatment of patients, but also may lead to renal failure, that patients should know, this is a kind of irreversible renal damage of Henoch Schonlein purpura nephritis, because God is also a danger of serious illness, patients should be timely treatment. At present the treatment of nephropathy better hospital is Shijiazhuang kidney hospital, our hospital has a very strong medical information power, light treatment for unique oxygen and the treatment of kidney disease, many patients have been to the hospital for treatment, experts also deliver the goods to cure countless patients, give them the hope of life. What do not understand, you can contact customer service or give us a message, we will go to help you the fastest

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