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5 major symptoms of kidney disease, summer should be how to

2017-05-12 18:43

Kidney disease is a common disease that is caused by many factors, mainly due to improper diet, blind medication, other diseases caused by the great harm to the health of patients, patients may have a general weakness, back pain, low libido and other symptoms, the symptoms of kidney disease found in time to the hospital to check if suffering from kidney disease, we must promptly to the hospital for examination and treatment, patients do not use drug blindly, should choose the appropriate treatment, so as to effectively treat nephropathy. At present, there are many ways to treat kidney disease, most of them are treated with drugs. Symptoms of kidney disease is more, here are 5 major symptoms indicate kidney illness and winter nourishing do 3 points.

One, 5 big symptoms predict kidney disease

1, urine volume change

The urine volume change is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, whether urine quantitative change is more or less, should consider nephropathy must be very possible, so the attention, especially the frequency of symptoms, we must promptly to the hospital, if nephropathy caused by timely treatment.

2, urinary characteristics change

The urine of normal people is light yellow. If urine is dark yellow or red, it must be paid attention to. It may be caused by nephrosis, and should be checked in time.

3 edema

One of the symptoms of edema and nephropathy, once the eyelid edema or leg edema, to consider nephropathy may not blindly medication to a regular hospital to check, the best treatment period to avoid missing.

4, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms

Nausea, vomiting and other digestive tract kidney disease is more common symptoms, nausea and vomiting caused by many diseases, so it is necessary to determine what is the cause of the first, in order to remedy the case.

5, itchy skin

Itchy skin is a relatively common symptom. Many skin diseases can have this kind of symptoms. Kidney disease can also occur. So, we must pay great attention to it.

Two, winter nourishing do 3 points

1, warm food prohibition

There are many ways to kidney patients, according to their own situation, choose a suitable way, have a great relationship between kidney and diet, kidney patients to eat warm food, try not to eat hard food, eat hard food is not easy to digest, there are a lot of harm to the kidneys.

2, increase bitter less salty

The winter diet kidney patients to take seriously, try to eat less salty food, eat more nutrient rich food, should eat more vegetables, especially to eat easily digestible food, it is good for the kidneys, can improve kidney disease.

3, sleep regulation

Nephrotic patients should develop good work habits, every day to go to bed early, do not have the habit of staying up late, conditional, you can sleep more in the morning, so that the disease has great benefits.

In summary, kidney disease is harmful to the patient's physical and mental symptoms of kidney disease found, we must promptly to the hospital, if suffering from kidney disease should be timely treatment, patients do not blindly medication, to choose the right treatment, so as to effectively treat nephropathy. Patients in addition to medical treatment, but also to develop good habits, to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy food, try to go to bed early every day, do not have the habit of staying up late, like smoking and drinking habits, smoking and drinking on kidney damage more, to regularly check to the hospital, always pay attention to their condition

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