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How does self care in patients with IgA nephropathy?

2017-06-17 16:28

How the self nursing of patients with IgA nephropathy edema? The main clinical symptoms of patients with IgA nephropathy hematuria, including gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, but there is also a small part of patients with Iga nephropathy presenting as nephrotic syndrome symptoms, namely "three high and one low height edema, hyperlipidemia, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia.

For patients with IgA nephropathy who have edema, it is very important how to take care of themselves.

How does self care in patients with IgA nephropathy?

1, bed rest, lying can increase renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate increase, reducing sodium and water retention, bed rest and activity of mild edema patients alternately, the activity should be restricted, severe edema and edema of limb rest in bed, in order to raise blood circulation, relieve edema.

2, diet. Limit intake of water, sodium, and protein

(1) water intake, urine volume, mild edema "1000ml/d, not too much water, sodium restriction within 3g/d, including food and beverage containing sodium, such as sausage, bacon, canned food, severe edema and oliguria, daily water intake is limited to 1000ml, into the salt free diet, with sugar, vinegar, onion export in order to increase the appetite.

(2) the intake of protein, low protein diet can reduce renal damage, severe edema and hypoproteinemia in patients with protein intake, daily 1g per kg, more than 60% of high-quality protein, in patients with mild edema daily protein 0.5-0.6/kg, more than 60% high quality protein such as lean meat, egg, milk, protein intake at the same time, there must be plenty of calories daily, 126-147KJ/kg.

3, protect edema parts of skin, prevent skin damage

(1) the patient should wear soft cotton products wide anti dry clothes, keep the bed flat, often turn over, avoid the pressed skin bone protrusion position.

(2) regular use of warm water to wipe bath or shower, frequently change underwear, mouthwash after meals, rinse the perineum once a day, keep the skin clean, prevent infection.

(3) not eating in violation of the principle of diet, as far as possible to eat nutritious food, in order to improve the body resistance, is conducive to damaged skin repair.

4, avoid incentives. Chronic kidney disease, often due to upper respiratory tract infection or other parts of the infection of overwork, mood changes, eating too much salt water aggravate, thus edema, should avoid the incentive to keep the mood and good habits, positive control diet, treatment nursing, promote the rehabilitation of the disease.

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