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Nephritis, a few secrets that are often overlooked!

2018-01-30 16:49

A part of patients with chronic nephritis is characterized by hypertension, due to the 30~40 year old male, heart and vascular conditions are good, the compensatory ability is very strong, generally do not have dizziness, palpitations and other symptoms of hypertension.In addition, some men also present with high blood pressure when their kidney compensatory capacity is lost. Therefore, when abnormal blood pressure is found in physical examination, should go hospital as soon as possible to check the renal function.

Nephritis, a few secrets that are often overlooked!

Nephritis edema is usually eye edema, in the morning after getting up is the most common. But it is easy to make our daily life experience reduced vigilance, because this edema is very common, drink too much water before going to sleep at night, the morning of the second day will have eye face edema; in normal sleep under inadequate in the morning occurs after the eye edema. It risks need to carefully distinguish, under normal circumstances, the edema will fade up in a period of time, and the occult nephritis caused by edema is not so fast.

Don't assume that there will be no occult nephritis without having had acute glomerulonephritis, doctors statistical results is, only 15~ 20% of the occult Nephritis from acute nephritis transition. Most of the occult nephritis and acute nephritis is not a one-to-one connection, that is to say, not every acute nephritis may turn latent nephritis, not every occult nephritis patients are acute nephritis. We need to pay attention to is the cause of the nephritis is more complex and hidden, and it may be infection, immune mechanism and so on.

The etiology of occult disease often is not obvious, the results of clinical research at home and abroad, and it may cause some bacteria or virus infection, especially upper respiratory tract infection or virus infection. Because of inflammatory factors can reduce renal reserve capacity, is a major cause of occurrence of nephritis or deterioration. Therefore, to actively help he prevent colds, improve laryngitis of chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, the degree of attention, if his recurrent tonsillitis, best can be promptly removed.

Before taking any medicine, look at the instructions first and avoid the use of all kinds of drugs that have damage to the kidneys.

In the stable period, occult nephritis does not need special treatment. In the acute period, it can be treated according to the condition of the doctor under the guidance of the doctor. According to the condition of occult nephritis is still not completely radical, but if you observe, timely and standardized treatment to prevent acute attacks, can keep decades are very stable some state, life will not affect the normal life and learning, also do not affect renal function.


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