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What Should Do Diabetic Patient Encounter Limb Numb

2018-03-16 20:03

In patients with diabetes mellitus, when the blood sugar increase, that will cause a series of metabolic disorders of nerve fibers, including energy and substance metabolism, which lead to swelling and even degeneration of nerve fibers result in peripheral neuropathy.

What Should Do Diabetic Patient Encounter Limb Numb

Peripheral neuropathy mainly showed numbness and pain in the extremities, such as acupuncture, cauterization, etc., usually the lower limbs were more serious than the upper limbs, and both limbs could occur at the same time or successively, and typically they distributed like gloves or socks. Sometimes it appears to be hyperalgesia, and mild irritation can result in obvious pain. In severe cases, wearing clothes and covering quilts can also cause pain.

The symptoms of diabetes (such as drinking more water, eating more food, urinating more and losing weight) are often not obvious, in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated with peripheral neuropathy, but mainly show numbness at the end of limbs, pain and so on, so it is easy to miss the diagnosis of diabetes.

Can diabetic peripheral neuropathy be treated? 

The answer is yes, but it must be treated early. Strict control of blood glucose can partly prevent the occurrence and development of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. In addition, the early use of vitamin B12 preparations, especially methyl vitamin B12, can achieve some results. A combination of vitamin B1 and B 6 may work better, but it's best to see a doctor.

In addition to causing limb pain, diabetic peripheral neuropathy can also cause a decrease in the pain and temperature of the limb, that is, a decrease in the sensory function of the pain and temperature. Therefore, patients are usually insensitive to the pain and high temperature caused by trauma. It is easy to cause limb injury and scalding.

When peripheral neuropathy occurs, the foot force changes lead to the foot force is uneven, it is easy to cause foot injury, and because of the poor healing ability of diabetic patients, Neuropathy can also cause ischemia due to vascular dysfunction in the extremities. Therefore, it is difficult to heal after a limb injury or scalding, which is more likely to occur in the lower extremities, and if it occurs in the foot, it is called a diabetic foot, which is the most common cause of amputation in diabetic patients.

Therefore, diabetic neuropathy must be careful to prevent limb injury. Shoes and socks should be soft and comfortable, preferably do not wear leather shoes. Regular manicures to prevent the nails too long to damage the skin, and be careful not to injure your hands and feet when trimming your nails. Pay attention to body hygiene, and be careful not to scratch your skin when itching.


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