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What are the characteristics of renal edema? What should you

2018-04-06 19:00

Edema is one of the common clinical manifestations in patients with nephropathy. What are its characteristics? What should you pay attention to when treating? 

Characteristics and harm of Renal Edema

What are the characteristics of renal edema? What should you pay attention to when treating?

The common pathological causes of edema are divided into three categories: nephrogenic, hepatogenic and cardiogenic. The edema caused by kidney disease, called renal edema, has two main characteristics:

"finger concave: renal edema is usually characterized by concave finger, which is often referred to as a pit. It usually appears at first in the eyelids, then in the lower limbs, and finally in the whole body."

Symmetry: renal edema often occurs symmetrically, and only one side is rarely present. The damage of renal edema is the formation of effusion, especially pleural effusion, which can endanger cardiopulmonary function and cause acute complications such as pulmonary edema and heart failure.

What should pay attention to treating kidney sex edema? 

You can use diuretics to drain off swelling, but you can't use diuretics in the first place. If a lot of leaking protein leads to a serious reduction in plasma albumin, the edema can't be immediately treated with diuretics. Instead, plasma albumin is given priority, because a lot of water is out of the blood vessel at this time, diuretics are difficult to exert diuretic effect.

Is it possible to use hormones first to solve the problem of a large number of leaking proteins? Because hormones can cause sodium retention and water retention, if there is a high degree of edema, the supplement of plasma albumin should be put first; if there is serious water accumulation, emergency pumping should be carried out.

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