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Kidney disease may cause a series of physical symptoms

2018-06-05 17:59

The kidney is the body's detoxifying organ, which is of great importance to us. The function of the kidney itself determines its great compensatory nature, but at the same time it can be very fragile.For example, bad eating habits, drug abuse, staying up late, intense sports, etc. will increase the burden on the kidneys, and even cause damage to kidney function.

Kidney disease may cause a series of physical symptoms

Can you think of what happens to your body when your kidneys are damaged? Many people with kidney disease say that they are not very well aware of it. They are also unaware of the occurrence of early kidney disease, which is not conducive to protecting kidney function.

Under normal circumstances, the color of urine is transparent yellow, no impurities, and the daily urine output is about 1500 milliliters. When the renal function is impaired, the urine will be directly affected. The more obvious symptom is the increased foam in the urine. This is because the kidney tissue, glomerular filtration problems lead to protein leakage, the impurities in the urine increased, tension increases, will produce tiny bubbles.

Problems with the metabolic function of the kidneys can also lead to changes in the amount of urine, and the renal function almost disappears in the period of renal failure and uremia, which can lead to a decrease in urine or an anuria.

There are many causes of body edema, but after the impaired function of the kidneys, the function of metabolic water and sodium will be reduced, which will lead to the accumulation of water and protein leakage, resulting in the excess water in the body benefiting the epidermis and causing edema. Occurrence, mainly in the eyes and lower limbs, edema in these two parts do not carelessly.

When the kidney function is damaged, detoxification ability decreases, the excess toxin in the body is difficult to excrete, the accumulation in the body will affect the human body's digestive system, resulting in nausea and vomiting. Toxins accumulate in the blood and cannot be ruled out in time and affect the health of other organs.

Regular muscle spasms are a symptom of kidney problems. If you feel unusual muscle pain, don't ignore it so quickly.

What’s worse is that after an arduous workout, breathing becomes rapid, and shortness of breath may herald a bigger internal problem. People who experience kidney failure may even find that this feeling of inability to breathe interferes with their ability to breathe normally.

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