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Nephritis disease may induce four complications

2018-06-21 09:47

Many diseases occur when they occur accompanied by complications, some of these complications are often more harmful than the disease itself. So, nephritis patients during vigilance to be alert to what complications? The following experts introduce the most likely to cause four complications of nephritis disease.

Nephritis disease may induce four complications

1, proteinuria. In the event of nephritis, the permeability of the capillary capillaries will be increased, the plasma albumin by the basement membrane filtration, and then produce proteinuria.

2, uremia. Mainly due to glomerular lesions to the end of the development of a phenomenon of renal insufficiency, but does not mean that all patients will be a similar phenomenon.

3, tubular urine. Mainly due to protein coagulation and precipitation caused, so in the occurrence of nephritis, the urine should be tubular Note that only urine protein and no tube, and therefore can not reflect the glomerular lesions.

4, anemia. Mainly due to the dilution of the mainstream water, glomerular lesions in severe time, due to reduced erythropoietin, resulting in anemia.

These are the "nephritis patients should be alert to the four types of complications,"Nephritis patients in the early stages of disease is best able to actively receive professional treatment, so that you can effectively prevent the emergence of complications, after all, the emergence of complications will increase the difficulty of treatment, so vigilance is necessary.

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