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What are the manifestations of renal failure

2017-02-02 14:01

Mention of renal failure, many people are afraid of, because in many people's minds, renal failure is equal to the incurable disease, and even can be treated, will spend a lot of medical costs, in fact, as long as the initial stage of renal failure, and take the time to go to the hospital for treatment, then renal failure can cure, and do not spend a lot of medical costs. So what are the manifestations of renal failure, what are the following: I am affiliated with the hospital under the kidney of the hospital for the doctor to explain in detail.
1, edema
There are many patients with renal failure will show edema. The amount of urine in patients with renal failure will become less frequent, especially at night, the urine of Trinidad and tobago. In addition there is edema of hands and feet, around the eye showed swelling, also accompanying shortness of breath.
2, anemia
Because the patient's kidney function is damaged, the body does not produce the hormones needed to make red blood cells, the patient is prone to anemia. Generally speaking, anemia patients often feel cold and tired. Therefore, the patient has no way overworked, also need to pay more attention to the diet.
3, the body of a lot of discomfort.
Renal function injury, toxins and waste to constantly accumulate, the patient will exhibit uncomfortable feeling, occasionally showing nausea, vomiting, difficult to sleep at night, sleep quality is not high, no appetite, skin itching and feel fatigue, etc..
4, other performance
Some patients will show the phenomenon of occult blood (urine color was brown or red blood), high blood pressure, urine showed foam, easy to diarrhea, thirsty, restless sleep, decreased libido and so on.
The above is the most common manifestation of renal failure to explain, for patients with renal failure, it is necessary to take the time to go to a regular hospital for treatment. My website is affiliated with the kidney disease hospital is the use of traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy + six immunotherapy, can effectively cure the kidney, will not produce any side effects.

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