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Children with proteinuria PRO is a kidney disease?

2017-01-26 08:27

The children showed proteinuria PRO is how a matter? I website under the hospital nephropathy nephropathy experts pointed out that more will be demonstrated in children with nephrotic proteinuria PRO, that should not have been discharged in the urine protein. What's the matter? Let's take a look at it.
Children with proteinuria PRO nephropathy? From the kidney function, this is due to reduced glomerular filtration function, body protein from the kidney to urine leakage, do urine routine examination will show a positive urine PRO protein.
Some children in the urine routine examination, showed proteinuria PRO2+, other examinations such as renal function, B ultrasound and so on are normal, the body does not have any performance. The results of this examination so that many parents have a question: what is the child's disease, need to be treated?
In fact, urine is a mirror of kidney function". Through the routine examination of urine, it can directly reflect the functional state of the kidney.
Healthy people do urine routine examination, usually, proteinuria (PRO urine occult blood) index is negative. If the results of laboratory tests show that proteinuria PRO positive, +, 2+, 3+ range, indicating that the kidney must have lesions. So need to seize the time to heal and conditioning.
So the children of proteinuria PRO how to cure? Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital treatment, Chinese medicine is to balance the overall view, view and syndrome differentiation thought as the basis, combined with modern immunology theory, advocated the overall coordination of the heart and liver and spleen, lung and kidney organs, and immune balance of Yin and Yang Qi in the environment. Dredge the meridians, regulating qi, repair organ function, through a series of traditional Chinese medicine classics cure, compound liquid immune balance treatment and strengthen the speed triple ion superconducting cure system to correct the immune, humoral, endocrine imbalance imbalance.
Chinese medicine treatment methods of three treatment system as a whole, complement each other, external treatment for internal diseases, symptoms, treatment of a variety of means of differentiation, multi-component, multi-target, multi way, overall adjustment to restore body balance of yin and Yang, the imbalance of immune and metabolic imbalances correct body, achieve physiological function and dynamic balance to cure the disease.
The above explanation is the children's urine protein PRO nephropathy is? I believe we have a certain understanding of this question, my site attached to the hospital nephropathy nephropathy experts remind once demonstrated children showed proteinuria PRO must hurry to the hospital for medical treatment.

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