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How little is urine one thing

2017-01-24 17:58

In daily life, there are a lot of friends showed the phenomenon of less urine. So, how is the urine is less than one thing? We look at the site of the Affiliated Hospital of kidney disease hospital nephropathy experts for you to explain in detail!
What is the difference in urine? Experts say: according to the medical survey; urine may be due to kidney disease, urinary tract stones, or patients with urethral obstruction. In fact, sweating less water is the main cause of disease. In addition, such as the body's metabolic abnormalities, urinary tract obstruction, infection, the use of Yao, etc., is also a common cause of gallstone formation. The high incidence of urinary tract stones in summer, sweat and urine is the main reason. Hot summer weather, the body sweat more, especially in outdoor activities or work, if you do not pay attention to the supply of body fluids, resulting in the formation of urinary calculi crystals of salts in a supersaturated state, crystal deposition in the urine will cause urinary calculi.
Generally speaking, the incidence of urinary calculi has obvious characteristics: there will be abdominal pain, pain and even make people strong, upright body. Even after the pain, recovery and feel, should seize the time for medical treatment. Some urinary calculi accompanied by occult blood, that is because of the stones into the narrow ureter, a peristalsis, make stone friction to the wall of the ureter, will produce occult blood.
The above is for you to explain is how to make a difference in urine, if you want to know more detailed explanation of the details can click online expert consultation, kidney disease experts will further explain for you. My site attached to the hospital of Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy: this method is corrected with the imbalance of yin and Yang, so as to achieve the balance of the original state, so as to cure disease or avoid disease rebound third. In the course of treatment, emphasizing the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, pay more attention to the clinical effect, the results are the last word.

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