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IGA nephropathy performance secret

2017-01-26 07:42

IGA nephropathy performance secret! Experts explain: nephropathy IGA nephropathy is a special disease, but many people don't know how, which always tend to ignore the disease, in fact, the disease symptoms have many kinds, mainly in the occult blood, patients can be judged by this point if they are suffering from IGA nephropathy. But this
There is no way to determine, must go to a regular hospital inspection before. So, what exactly is the performance of IGA nephropathy? The following is the explanation of my kidney specialist.
IGA nephropathy is caused by a group of multiple causes with the same characteristics of the principle of the immune pathogenesis of chronic glomerular disease, which is characterized with particle IGA deposition in the mesangial area of IGA nephropathy, also known as Berger's disease, is a special type of glomerulonephritis. IGA nephropathy is more common in children and young people, often before the onset of upper respiratory tract
The lesions were characterized by mesangial proliferation, and IGA deposition in the mesangial area was observed by immunofluorescence assay. 80% at the age of 16-35 onset, male more than female. Although the type of glomerulonephritis is very common, it is difficult to treat.
The main manifestations of IGA nephropathy:
1) occult blood. Infection with the naked eye is often the most common occult blood. Often in the hours after infection showed gross occult blood, usually not more than 3 days.
2) edema. Edema IGA nephropathy patients often wake up in the morning after the eyelids or facial edema.
3) occult blood. Is the most common occult blood IGA nephropathy, patients can be alone can also exhibit occult blood, proteinuria, PRO, also may be associated with body parts (abdomen, waist, throat pain, edema, high blood pressure). IGA nephropathy can have acute onset of occult blood velocity and recurrent gross occult blood occult blood eye two.
Treatment of IGA nephropathy, characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy is the authority. The cure provides a new way for modern kidney disease. Because of its high plasticity, strong ability to expand in vitro, and easy to transfect exogenous genes, the clinical use of pluripotent cells has become an ideal target cell for renal disease investigation. nephropathy
According to experts, multi cell transplantation on renal fibrosis in the treatment of end-stage renal disease, has incomparable advantages, compared with a kidney transplant, blood purification and other treatment measures, which is a new strategy for treatment of kidney disease, known as a disruptive technology may completely change the kidney disease diagnosis and treatment process.
The above is my kidney experts for the performance of IGA nephropathy, and read the above explanation, I believe we have a deeper understanding of the performance of IGA nephropathy. Kidney disease experts remind that, in general, the performance of IGA nephropathy is still relatively easy to show, so, if someone in the life of physical discomfort, or have the above table
Now, be sure to seize the time to check the regular hospital, and receive treatment, delay the disease will only make the disease more rampant.

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