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What are the treatment options for IgA nephropathy? .

2017-01-24 16:43

Kidney disease is now a lot of people will be a disease, the disease is now suffering from a lot of people, but the disease can be very few people know, so they do not know how to treat the disease. Because do not know, do not dare to treat easily, be afraid to suffer more serious side effect. So, what is the treatment of IgA nephropathy
? Next, we take a look at the specific site of my kidney disease nephropathy experts in the hospital explained in detail. Usual treatment: should pay attention to rest, away from fatigue and upper respiratory tract infection, avoid strenuous exercise. Should be low salt and appropriate protein diet, avoid the use of toxic side effects of the drug. To control high blood pressure, to abstain from alcohol and tobacco. Onset and milk, bean
Products such as patients should be far away from the use of these foods. For simple or occult blood (and) mild proteinuria (PRO persistent proteinuria PRO, 24 hour urinary protein quantitative PRO "LG) without high blood pressure, renal function damage, pathogenesis principle change slightly patients, such patients usually better prognosis of renal function, is expected to maintain long time in it
Constant range. There are foci of infection patients should eliminate the infection, the infected patients should be repeated tonsil surgery.
For moderate proteinuria PRO (24 hours urinary protein quantitative PRO 1 ~ 2G / D), renal function (normal or mildly elevated blood inosine "177 mol / L), the incidence of principle showed different degree of mesangial lesions, sclerosing lesions or light showed focal segmental glomerular sclerosis and interstitial lesions. Can be used in the treatment of Tripterygium wilfordii
CACEI, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE), and (or) angiotensin II receptor antagonist (ARB). Can also be used to test a small dose of Glucocorticoid (starting from 30 to 40mg / D), is expected to control the protein in urine PRO good results.
For PRO proteinuria (24 hours urinary protein quantitative "PRO 3.5G / D) or Shenzong (note that some patients only proteinuria without PRO showed kidney heald) patients should not overwork, edema patients are advised to limit drinking water. To use the foot amount of prednisone (1mg / kg/d) induced by treatment, most can get good results. On withdrawal
Patients in the process of drug rebound, can be given to the combination of cytotoxic drugs.
For the treatment of IgA nephropathy, kidney experts to explain the hospital's characteristics of Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immunotherapy"

"Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" to "dialectical theory of governance" as the foundation, "a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, by means of modern medicine to determine the precise detection of various disease causes nephropathy mechanism, and the scientific classification, classification, staging
According to the etiology and classification of classification results, follow the principle of "tonifying the kidney, kidney, kidney, kidney complex" treatment philosophy, scientific differentiation, using "self blood immune kidney treatment", "Na Zhi Tong immune kidney treatment method" and "multi targeted Fu Yuan kidney treatment", "biological immune complex kidney treatment method" is not the same as the alternate means of cure
In order to eliminate inflammation, healing, body and kidney, recover from damaged kidney cells, so that the function of restoration and reconstruction, and to correct the immune, humoral, endocrine imbalance imbalance, the environment within the body and the immune function recovered completely, the activation of reconstruction of renal function, achieve radical nephropathy.
Four therapeutic means for each other, complement each other, the internal treatment of disease, the treatment of the disease, to achieve multi-directional, multi angle, multi-channel, multi-target, multi way to cure the purpose of kidney disease.
The above is my hospital experts on "IgA nephropathy treatment program what" on the explanation, do not know if you see after the understanding? Kidney disease experts have warned: kidney disease is now a serious side effects of human diseases, therefore, suffering from the need to seize the time to heal. Characteristics of Chinese medicine penetration therapy + six immune
Therapy is a better technique for treating kidney disease, which brings hope to patients.

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