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IgA nephropathy how to treat it .

2017-01-24 16:43

IgA nephropathy is what the disease is a lot of people in the area of confusion. Today, however, people are suffering from kidney disease more and more, but the understanding of the disease is not a lot of people. So in the face of this disease is usually blind, under the panic may be missed by a better time to heal. So, IgA nephrosis how should treat? lower

The surface of the kidney disease by the hospital affiliated to my website experts to explain.
IgA nephropathy (IgAN), also known as Berger's disease, refers to the glomerular mesangial area with IgA or IgA deposition, with or without other immunoglobulin in the glomerular mesangial area deposition of primary glomerulopathy. The symptoms are: recurrent macroscopic or microscopic occult blood occult blood, may be associated with different degrees of proteinuria of PRO, part of the patient table
Patients with severe hypertension or renal insufficiency.
IAG nephropathy brought serious harm to the human body, the entanglement to out of disease we must be rational, in order to bring the patient from unnecessary trouble, choose authoritative measures is better, according to the clinical data show that there are a lot of measures now to treat kidney disease, but the authority out of disease must be taken to high-end technology, how to treat IgA nephropathy
? for early IgA nephropathy in terms of performance is not obvious, hidden strong, a lot of friends to bring unnecessary trouble, except IgA, end-stage renal disease is more serious, usually concealed in early IgA nephropathy IgA nephropathy without reasonable treatment result from the disease to entanglement, should note that IgA nephropathy in medicine
Treatment of nephrotic immune therapy is better
"Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy" in kidney disease (KDIGO) and accelerate the global Committee of Chinese Medical Association of kidney disease will be under the support of the medical institutions led by my membership site, the United States, G nephropathy hospital Survey Institute Lipps kidney specialist team cooperation in research and development, to the "clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment
Nephrology section "as the foundation, using western medicine diagnostic methods and biological international most advanced treatment technology, the integration of domestic Chinese medicine survey results, take" type, due to the comprehensive treatment, symptomatic, "for patients with kidney disease, is a complete set of kidney disease prevention and cure and treatment of integration.
Chinese medicine osmotherapy + six immune therapy "to" dialectical theory of governance "as the foundation," a combination of Chinese and Western medicine, combination of syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation, to heal and heal the whole combination of rules, through accurate detection means of modern medicine to determine the cause of a variety of mechanisms, and the scientific classification of nephropathy, typing and staging.
According to the etiology and classification of classification results, follow the principle of "tonifying the kidney, kidney, kidney, kidney complex" treatment philosophy, scientific differentiation, using "self blood immune kidney treatment", "Na Zhi Tong immune kidney treatment method" and "multi targeted Fu Yuan kidney treatment", "biological immune complex kidney treatment method" is not the same as the alternate means of cure
In order to eliminate inflammation, healing, body and kidney, recover from damaged kidney cells, so that the function of restoration and reconstruction, and to correct the immune, humoral, endocrine imbalance imbalance, the environment within the body and the immune function recovered completely, the activation of reconstruction of renal function, achieve radical nephropathy.
Four therapeutic means for each other, complement each other, the internal treatment of disease, the treatment of the disease, to achieve multi-directional, multi angle, multi-channel, multi-target, multi way to cure the purpose of kidney disease.
We believe that through the above explanation, for IgA nephropathy is more understanding. My website under the kidney hospital kidney specialist: IgA nephropathy showed serious side effects of patient health, disease variety, and more beneficial to treat IgA nephropathy, the patient must be based on a full understanding of the disease
On the effective treatment of the disease.

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