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IgA nephropathy hematuria renal failure can be treated?

2017-01-24 16:31
In general, IgA nephropathy patients with simple hematuria may not be active treatment, but when a large number of patients with hematuria may be very serious condition. According to the statistics of IgA nephropathy patients, the feedback information shows that a large number of hematuria combined with renal failure is a common clinical complication of IgA nephropathy
After the cessation of urine, the renal function can be recovered by itself, but so far, there is not a large number of patients with hematuria and renal failure in patients with IgA nephropathy, "long-term prognosis is good," a positive conclusion.
Repeated renal biopsy was performed in patients with renal failure with rapid progression of IgA nephropathy. In order to find out whether there is a new appearance of crescentic glomerulonephritis, and can also be differentiated from acute tubular necrosis. Such as the emergence of a large number of cell type crescent, in addition to focus on traditional Chinese medicine kidney kidney protection, under normal circumstances also need to use hormone free
The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) combined with western medicine for the treatment of IgA nephropathy with renal failure.
Correct evaluation of glomerular filtration function in patients with glomerular filtration rate was measured, and to understand the tubular function. In the newly emerging IgA nephropathy renal failure disease, remove some common reversible factors, then consider the possibility of nephritis activity and TCM therapy often need Yiqi Huoxue Jiedu Qushi, treatment of Chinese Medicine
By making machine active substances in intervention therapy can accelerate blood circulation, relieve the symptoms of kidney qi and blood stagnation, as the condition and decide to use the different course of treatment, after treatment clinical observation of renal function in IgA nephropathy patients with renal failure by cast light damage parts may turn to normal or improved.
If the primary disease can be controlled, the renal function can be reversed in varying degrees, so it is necessary to emphasize the treatment of the primary disease. Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of renal failure at the same time, taking into account the control of proteinuria. The serum creatinine (SCr) or 265~mol/L (3 mg/dl) IgA nephropathy patients with renal failure, in the use of hormones and immune suppression
Preparations need to be careful, in the timely control of complications after more attention is the role of kidney protection of traditional Chinese medicine.

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