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Nephritis treatment is not good or not completely nephritis

2017-01-24 15:32
Nephritis treatment is not good or not completely nephritis treatment should pay attention to what?
For patients with nephritis, the general demand for heat is also very large, the general provision of food can not be too limited calorie. But we must remember that the body has swollen or high blood pressure patients, this time must not eat too much salt, it is best to eat less sodium.
Acute nephritis, we must be treated as soon as possible, especially in many cases of acute nephritis, there are a lot of attention to note. If you do not pay attention to a lot of taboos in the treatment of words, then it is easy to bring harm to the patient's treatment, so in order to everyone's health, we must understand the acute nephritis taboo.
Nephritis patients with special taboo cold. Therefore, we must develop a good habit. In winter, we must avoid colds, pay attention to the establishment of good eating habits and health habits, to avoid some of the body parts of the phenomenon of infection, in the winter should maintain the indoor air circulation. Disinfect the room once a week.
Nephritis patients at the stage of treatment should pay special attention to avoid strenuous activities. Diet should pay more attention to light nutrition diet, do not eat too much greasy food as far as possible to control the intake of fat, protein intake should not be too much, in order to reduce the burden on the kidneys.
In addition, for male patients with acute nephritis, must pay attention to avoid exposure to tobacco and alcohol, eat spicy pungent food, eat some fish and vegetables are rich in vitamin foods, if patients with acute nephritis edema after should limit salt intake, edema subsided gradually restore normal diet.
Finally, nephritis patients also have special attention, the usual life not to hold back, do not have mood swings too much. Patients should also maintain a good mood and mental state during the onset, and actively respond to treatment. Families should also encourage patients to help them establish the confidence to cure the disease, while paying attention to let them rest, to avoid excessive pressure. We must pay attention to the nursing work in these areas, which is conducive to improve the symptoms of acute nephritis, acute nephritis through some matters needing attention in daily life plus some medical technology can generally be effective treatment.

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