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What factors cause IgA nephropathy

2017-02-22 09:06

Four factors leading to IgA nephropathy

1 infection: cold, tonsillitis, have a fever appeared naked eye or urinary occult blood, infection factors lead to the occurrence of recurrent IgA nephropathy.

2 immune complex: IgA nephropathy patients in the glomerular mesangial area precipitated a large number of immune complex substances, which can lead to the occurrence of renal cells after the phenotypic transformation of the disease.

3 genetic: IgA nephropathy patients to investigate the incidence of patients, some patients with IGA nephropathy will occur family cohesion phenomenon, which shows that IgA nephropathy has a certain degree of genetic predisposition.

4 inflammatory reaction: the renal glomerular mesangial cells are stimulated by inflammation, which leads to the formation of a large number of immune complexes in the kidney of the patient, resulting in the emergence of disease

Nursing care of patients with IgA nephropathy
1, to observe the nature of pain, location, intensity, duration, etc..

2, explain the cause of pain.

3, to help patients to change the body position to reduce pain.

4, local hot compress or physiotherapy.

5, let the patient listen to music, talk to people to distract attention to relieve pain.

6, the doctor's advice to give analgesics and observe the results and side effects.

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