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Error analysis of the treatment of nephritis

2017-02-26 09:56

A misunderstanding: the hormone can cure the disease in many patients at the beginning I feel tired, heavy legs, the morning after the swelling of the face, like the "fat", check to the hospital, found in the urine or blood protein, was identified for this disease.

Conventional treatment of the disease, often using oral corticosteroids, cyclophosphamide, Tripterygium drugs to control urine protein and occult blood. Just the beginning of the treatment effect is obvious, the index quickly improved, disappeared, but encountered a cold, tired and attack. Then, began to use hormone, so repeatedly, each time gradually increased, such as nausea and vomiting occurred in renal insufficiency symptoms.

In fact, the reason is very simple, appear in the urine protein and occult blood because of the glomerular basement membrane was seriously damaged, the simple use of some control drugs, see occult blood of urine protein, temporarily disappeared from the index, is not equal to the disease cure, these hormone drugs have significant side effects, but not a permanent cure, index fell today it will rise tomorrow.

Error two: the toxic side effects of drugs and drug detoxification combined with traditional Chinese medicine of eighteen anti nineteen fear, refers to the mutual incompatibility problem of medicine, western medicine also has the incompatibility, many chemical drugs cannot be used at the same time. However, in clinical treatment, it is often necessary to reduce the immunity of hormones, Tripterygium wilfordii, cyclophosphamide and improve the immunity of Astragalus injection, Jin Bao, Lentinan Injection, placenta tablets, etc..

A patient is caused by the waste of money, two disease causing lingering illness repeatedly. We can not deny that hormones in the control of acute urinary protein and good results, but the use of time should not exceed 3 months. Try not to use hormones for patients with chronic kidney disease.

Misunderstanding three: Western medicine, uremia patients if the beginning of hemodialysis, in order to get rid of it is impossible, but the fact is not so. Because each person's primary disease is not the same, leading to the cause of uremia and incentives are not exactly the same. If we can take effective measures to cure the original disease to remove incentives, get rid of blood is completely possible.

Many patients in hemodialysis, is long-term stable condition, blood creatinine, uremic nitrogen is relatively stable, not to the extent of non dialysis, renal function is still a considerable part of the remaining, but often due to a cold, have a fever, diarrhea, enteritis, lung infection, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure control is bad, or trauma a dispute with others or emotional fatigue did not pay attention to rest, leading to disease deterioration and dialysis. In this case, if you can take the "kidney area of traditional Chinese medicine iontophoresis" to solve the original disease, so that patients with prolonged dialysis interval, and finally get rid of dialysis is entirely possible.

If you do not seize the opportunity to quickly correct treatment, a large number of kidney necrosis, ultimately unable to reverse, only rely on dialysis. The huge cost and discomfort caused by dialysis has become an unbearable burden for patients and families.

Misunderstanding four: the best way to transplant. The tragic story of the media in recent years on the transplant of organ transplantation, makes a lot of people think a uremic kidney transplant. In fact, few people are lucky enough to transplant a success, because the kidney is too small, if not immediate relatives can provide, in accordance with the law of our country, waiting for the opportunity but also the cadaveric kidney matching success is too little. But not every transplantation can be successful, in case of failure, the patient should continue to receive dialysis treatment, even in the face of the transplant again.

There are a number of diseases is not recommended for a kidney transplant, such as the number of patients with chronic hepatitis or liver function is normal, nephritis activity period, peptic ulcer, urinary tract infection and associated with urinary tract obstruction, are not recommended for renal transplantation.

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