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Dietary choice of IgA nephritis

2017-02-26 09:57

1, the supply of protein. Diet therapy of chronic nephritis should be to determine the protein intake according to the degree of renal damage, if the long course of disease, renal damage is not serious, the protein in food are not strictly limited, but a day not more than 1 grams per kilogram of body weight, high quality protein to reach more than 50%.

2, due to the limitations of some patients with protein, the supply of its energy to carbohydrate and fat as the main source of energy supply depending on the intensity of labor. Rest, adults can provide 126 thousand joules per day to 147 thousand joules (30 thousand card ~ 35 thousand card) / kg weight. And to meet the needs of patient activity.

3, control of sodium intake. Severe edema and hypertension, the amount of salt should be controlled at 2 g / day, even given the salt free diet, with low salt is appropriate.

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