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Maintenance method for patients with chronic nephritis

2017-02-27 10:22

Suffering from the disease, in addition to treatment, but also pay attention to self-cultivation, so as to restore faster. Now many people suffering from kidney disease, we should pay attention to the presence of chronic nephritis, patients need to pay attention to some of the issues, a reasonable health care, so that the recovery of the disease to help. So, chronic nephritis patients maintenance method is what?

First, avoid cold wet
Cold can aggravate or cause renal artery spasm, and may aggravate the symptoms of renal ischemia, thus affecting the recovery of nephritis. Moisture can cause Streptococcus growth and even reproduction, causing infection. So as far as possible to make the patient warm, room to keep the sun. Dress properly to prevent the patient from getting wet.

Two, prevention and treatment of streptococcal infection
Suffering from chronic nephritis in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease, we should master some of the maintenance of chronic nephritis common sense, such as how to prevent upper respiratory tract infections, chronic pharyngitis, etc.. When the disease occurs, the patient should observe the urine more, observe whether the symptoms of nephritis, early detection, early treatment, regular follow-up observation.

Three, to avoid the use of drugs
Some drugs can also cause the disease, so daily life should be taken to avoid damage to the kidney drugs. No matter what is the treatment of disease, should tell the doctor, there is a history of kidney disease, the doctor carefully medication. The treatment of chronic infection completely, especially chronic tonsillitis and dental caries, prevent re induced nephritis.

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