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Five routine items for IgA nephropathy

2017-03-01 09:23

A catheter type:

Tube type (casts) have important implications for the urinary sediment composition, it often suggests renal parenchymal damage. The utility model is a cylindrical structure which is formed by the coagulation of the protein in the urine of the renal tubule and the collecting tube.
Two, glomerular filtration fraction (GFF):
The amount of two renal filtrate produced in unit time is called glomerular filtration rate, and the normal adult is about 125ml/min.

Three, renal blood flow (RPF):
Renal blood flow (RPF) was measured by clearance test. A substance from the glomerular filtration and tubular discharge a lot from, and not be absorbed, after it 1 times through the renal tissue, can be completely removed, the removal rate of the substances on behalf of unit time through the plasma volume of the kidney.

Four, infection immunity test:
People with immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis or its components in vivo existence, it was known as the infection, or bacterial immunity, once the body of Mycobacterium tuberculosis or its components disappeared, immunity also disappeared. Therefore, to carry out infection immune detection.

Five, anti glomerular basement membrane antibody assay (AGBM):
Anti glomerular basement membrane antibody is a kind of reticular structure, which is composed of inner and outer hyaline layer and dense layer. The most commonly used method to detect GBM antibody is the IIF method (indirect immunofluorescence method), which is characterized by the appearance of typical petal like, or speckled, granular staining in the glomerular basement membrane.

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