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How to treat lupus nephritis with Chinese medicine treatment

2017-03-27 16:47
How to treat lupus nephritis? Treatment of lupus nephritis is a complex clinical problem, if you are a patients with lupus nephritis, in the process of treating lupus nephritis should note the following points:
1, staging treatment according to the degree of disease activity. When lupus is active, the renal inflammatory response is very severe, usually require large doses, a combination of several drugs, the purpose is to quickly control the inflammation, prevent kidney damage continues to increase. When the activity is controlled, it is converted into a small dose of drug maintenance therapy to prevent recurrence and protect renal function (maintenance period).
2, should be long-term treatment. The disease has a strong genetic background, so far the drug treatment can be very good to alleviate the condition, but can not be completely cured, so need long-term medication. Some patients because of concerns about the side effects of drugs or stopped without the psychiatrist’s guidance, the condition is often repeated.
3, treatment programs varies from person to person. There are many different types of lupus nephritis, which should be treated differently. At present, the treatment commonly use intravenous injection of high-dose hormone and cyclophosphamide, while it is not suitable for all patients with lupus nephritis. Should be selected to use anti lupus drugs according to the clinical condition and renal biopsy under the guidance of a doctor.
4, to prevent the recurrence of lupus. Any infection, exposure to sunlight, chemical drugs or pregnancy can induce lupus activity. Female patients should avoid pregnancy before the disease is controlled. If you must be pregnant, also must be under the guidance of a doctor.
5, emphasizing the concept of holistic treatment. Because lupus is a systemic disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection and treatment of renal function and other important organs such as heart, lung or brain.
Chinese medicine believes that lupus nephritis is toxic heat flourishing, obstruction of collaterals by blood stasis. Treatment should clear heat and remove toxins, promoting the blood circlution to remove meridian obstruction. Integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment can be used to treat lupus nephritis, Chinese medicine treatment of lupus nephritis is more effective to control patients' symptoms, so that active lupus nephritis is easier to obtain remission.
Improve the quality of life of patients. Lupus nephritis occurs variety of side effects in the process of the use of hormones and immunosuppressive agents, including iatrogenic Cushing syndrome face and body, poor wound healing, menstrual disorders, osteoporosis, psychiatric symptoms, bone marrow suppression, secondary infection and so on. In this process with the use of traditional Chinese medicine can significantly reduce these side effects, improve the symptoms of patients, improve the quality of life of patients.
Lupus nephritis is easy to relapse, many patients in overwork, due to the decline of immunity, under the influence of the incidence of infection and other factors, the disease relapse, repeated lupus activity. Therefore, preventing the recurrence of lupus is the key to improve the prognosis of patients with lupus nephritis. In the process of hormone reduction or maintenance therapy, according to syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment to treat lupus nephritis. Patients with lumbocrural pains, dizziness, dry mouth and throat, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse and other liver and kidney yin deficiency syndromes, can use add and subtract treatment of erzhi pills with liuweidihuang decoction to nourish liver and kidney. If the patient is fatigue and tired, sweating as long as moving, loss of appetite, repeated cold, which belongs to the lung and spleen deficiency, can use sijunzi decoction with jude-screen powder to nurse the health.
with the four gentlemen of Yuping Feng San Decoction based conditioning.

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