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Psychological guidance of nephritis

2017-04-28 11:57
      Family members on how to do psychological guidance for chronic nephritis? Psychological activity is its complex process, negative and nervous mood will affect the treatment of patients, on the contrary will help patients with kidney disease, so how to do psychological guidance for chronic nephritis? Come with me to see how our partners Shijiazhuang kidney hospital experts explain.
   How to do psychological guidance for chronic nephritis
   For chronic nephritis psychological guidance can be carried out by the following aspects:
  1, family members do not deliberately conceal the patient's condition, according to the doctor told the specific patients, to ensure that the patient's right to know.
  2, the family should be invited to the doctor's analysis of the patient's condition and ease, so that patients understand the treatment of the whole program with a positive, so as not to panic. Maintain patient treatment initiative.
  3, the family members to imply the patient, you can talk about some of the other people's treatment of cases, enhance the patient's self-confidence to overcome the disease.
  4, families don't have the pessimistic mood that will infect patients, to patients with metastatic proper attention, can read, write, listen to music.

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