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What is the best medicine for the treatment of kidney diseas

2017-05-02 20:36
What is the best treatment of nephropathy? Chronic glomerulonephritis is a kidney disease, is a group of progressive, immune inflammation, primary glomerular disease, glomerular inflammation caused by then, what is the best medicine treatment of kidney disease? Below, here I make the following detailed analysis and explanation:
What is the best drug for the treatment of kidney disease, most of which are not clear. After acute streptococcal infection, the course of the disease is more than 1 years, which can be transferred to chronic nephritis. However, most of the chronic nephritis is not caused by acute nephritis, other bacteria and infection can also cause chronic nephritis. Most of the chronic nephritis is immune complex disease, can be precipitated by the circulation of soluble immune complexes in the glomerulus, or by the formation of antigen and antibody in the presence of glomerular activation of complement, causing tissue damage. Is western medicine hormone in the treatment of nephritis defects, only anti-inflammatory treatment, and kidney damage cells has not been repaired, can quickly control the progress of chronic nephritis patients, but recurrence, and repeatedly relapse, the disease will continue to increase, and finally to dialysis, kidney transplantation Road, this is the three step treatment of Western medicine song, hormone -- dialysis renal transplantation.
Here refers to the pure hormone treatment, that is, the treatment program is not perfect, hormone therapy alone symptomatic but not a permanent cure, which is easy to repeat the cause of nephritis. The best medicine treatment of nephrotic complex renal kidney medicine iontophoresis micro complex drug substance can activate the intrinsic kidney cells, reverse and restore normal cell metabolism; improve the damaged kidney microcirculation, renal repair provided aerobic environment, accelerate the repair of kidney cells; improve the internal environment of the kidney damage and reduce the symptoms of poisoning, making the loose environment for kidney repair and reconstruction; with double phase immunomodulatory function and metabolic function, can control the progress of the disease, so as to lay a good foundation for the repair and reconstruction of injured renal cells; can provide nutrients for the damaged kidney repair and reconstruction, repair process accelerated damage renal cells the.

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