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Chronic interstitial nephritis can be cured?

2017-05-02 20:39
Chronic interstitial nephritis can not cure interstitial nephritis, is a clinical infection and drug - induced kidney disease. Interstitial nephritis is divided into acute interstitial nephritis and chronic interstitial nephritis. So chronic interstitial nephritis can cure? Below we please Shandong Weifang red sun kidney hospital experts to introduce you.
Chronic interstitial nephritis can be cured? Is it not reached, beyond strength and power, unable to implement effective treatment fundamentally. According to the occurrence of the injury of kidney of chronic renal interstitial nephritis patients with renal fibrosis progression and pathological injury in the treatment of chronic interstitial nephritis in addition to the above application of conventional western medicine treatment measures, it is also necessary for renal tubules, renal interstitial and glomerular tissue occurred in the process of renal fibrosis by blocking "in the treatment of renal fibrosis, repair damaged kidney.
The treatment of interstitial glomerulonephritis - blocking renal fibrosis, from the etiology of treatment!
The first step: for the renal fibrosis promoter, that is, the local microcirculation of renal dysfunction caused by kidney ischemia. Through the expansion of the renal artery and improve blood microcirculation, improve ischemia and anoxia, increase local repair of damaged renal tubular The new supersedes the old., accelerate epithelial cells, peripheral vascular smooth muscle cells, glomerular endothelial cells and renal intrinsic fine.
The second step: the fibrotic process "four measures of inactivation, reversal, apoptosis and degradation of the renal tubular epithelial cells damaged directly or indirectly produce inflammatory mediators, cytokines, growth factors and a series of nephrotoxicity factor activity inactivation, thereby blocking the damaged kidney cells continue to promote the natural damage, impaired cell phenotype reversal; in addition, but also promote myofibroblast apoptosis, blocking the synthesis of extracellular matrix; at the same time, micro Chinese medicine also increased degradation enzyme formation in kidney, promote extracellular matrix (ECM) decomposition, blocking renal fibrosis, and renal function recovery.
The third step: to block renal fibrosis, but also repair the damaged kidney function. Renal tubule function is restored, the urine protein will be normal reabsorption, concentrated proteinuria disappeared; functional recovery, urine volume are normal; glomerular damage, repair of the glomerular basement membrane function is more important; if the development of renal insufficiency stage that renal fibrosis scar tissue irreversible has been formed, blocking the kidney fiber treatment is impatient!

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