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What is the treatment of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

2017-05-03 10:58

Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis is a nephrotic syndrome pathological change, the vast majority of primary glomerular diseases (such as acute glomerular nephritis, acute nephritis, chronic nephritis and kidney disease etc.) can appear in the disease process of nephrotic syndrome is the primary. Check the information you submitted, your spouse's condition has been very serious, and 6 sclerosis, necrosis and necrosis can no longer be treated. 5 small balls of the ball and the adhesion of the balloon, it is difficult to restore the 5 glomeruli, so in this case, you should pay close attention to the patient for scientific treatment of the system. In order to prevent kidney failure uremia. But why do you say that? Because many people don't know, kidney disease is a kind of what kind of disease, also do not know the kidney specific pathological features that its pathological damage is irreversible, in the process of development, some patients are often not without obvious pain, so that patients and their families to pay attention to the development of some advanced. Remnants of the remaining nephron was discovered, there is no room for treatment, so there is no cure. But when I really because of some discomfort to the hospital inspection, will be diagnosed with kidney disease, while many patients are unaware of the truth, everywhere Xunyiwenyao, body planning, drug being abused to control urinary protein plus live occult blood or simple control, serum creatinine, urea nitrogen and drug control on the surface no problem, I delay the timing of treatment of valuable, can not be said to be a tragedy. So in order to cure focal segmental glomerulonephritis or other nephropathy, kidney first should have the basic conditions with cure (how much is residual renal unit) and not only on the face of it, don't think although I have kidney disease, but I feel there is no other discomfort, should not very serious!!" In view of this, Guo Ye Fu kidney medical experts to give the treatment of the following recommendations: first, do not mistake. Like control proteins and the like. Second, to solve the problem of renal pathology. Do not solve the problem of renal pathology, the control of the plus sign, check urine, no plus, the future is not good. Third, kidney disease is irreversible, can not do the fundamental treatment, every day will cause the proliferation of glomerular basement membrane, as well as glomerular sclerosis, to a certain extent after renal failure. The effect of treatment is not to aggravate the condition. As soon as possible to take some effective means of treatment of scientific renal ion drug guide in this way, the situation as you once used the drug for 7 days to half of the time, you from the naked eye can see some bad things in the urine discharged. If these things come out, the kidneys are better, but the disease has not been completely cured, because systemic disorders caused by kidney disease, systemic disorders have not solved. There should be a way to treat the whole body, on this basis, the kidney is cured, then the condition can not be completely good. There is an even more important is the personal temperament, fatigue, mentality, to solve the problem, anxious, angry, angry, pressure, this is the result of the kidney root, although it has not yet seen the report and your situation, but I can conclude that the time of your health and when your health condition is not the same, such as diet, usually self feeling and sleep quality.

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