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Nephritis treatment can cause renal failure?

2017-05-03 11:13

Nephritis treatment can cause renal failure? The answer is certainly, because many patients in the beginning that they are suffering from nephritis, do not care, in addition to the disease do not understand, it is easy to process in the treatment of nephritis in misdiagnosis, the recurrence of the disease to worsen, and eventually developed into renal failure uremia, such a miserable situation. Maybe a lot of nephritis patients do not know such a thing would be to a certain extent "means the beginning of uremia nephritis, but not without scientific basis, so to remind the majority of patients with nephropathy once found himself suffering from nephritis diseases, must not be negligent, but should take positive and effective treatment to avoid renal failure, uremia the road

It is well known that chronic nephritis, also known as chronic glomerulonephritis, is a group of proteinuria, hematuria, edema, hypertension as the main criteria for glomerular disease. In all age groups can occur, more common in young people. Usually insidious onset, many patients are found in the process of physical examination. The main clinical symptoms of edema, fatigue, foam urine, etc.. Patients found in the disease, often the first worry is that the disease can not, will not develop to uremia? And when they went to the local hospital to ask, after treatment, the answer is often that the disease is not cured, can only be controlled, and ultimately will develop to uremia. And after the treatment of patients found that the disease is always repeated, and even more and more heavy, this time, often to the emotional illness to despair, and even give up treatment. Many cases of renal failure and uremia are caused by such a process.

Of course, we should also be aware of such a problem, we have previously suggested that the majority of patients with nephritis is not scientific and reasonable treatment in early stage, and the condition is not very understanding of a series of causes of renal failure, the other hand, if these nephritis patients actively take scientific treatment early positive, knowledge and understanding of the disease, can be completely avoided the occurrence of renal failure and uremia. Early treatment of patients with nephritis should take what kind of treatment plan in order to avoid the occurrence of renal failure?

Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine pointed out: the conventional treatment for symptoms of nephritis often only if the control of urine protein, urine occult blood, with Jinshuibao, Huangkui capsule, bailing capsule, Tripterygium wilfordii, hormone, cyclophosphamide and other drugs, although can temporarily reduce protein, occult blood index, or to make them. But when the patient medication, or a cold, fever, etc., the disease will appear repeatedly. What is the reason for this? Because only the several drugs to control protein, occult blood and other symptoms, but there is no repairing effect for any pathological damage of kidney, they just put the basilar membrane temporarily plugging up loopholes, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling protein, occult blood, but in the block the protein at the same time, also put some immune complexes a block of renal injury in the kidney inside, kidney damage has not been repaired, so the condition repeatedly, constantly progress, some patients into renal failure, even uremia period.

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital in this case, after years of continuous research, summary, put forward the treatment principle of external treatment for internal diseases - whole and through local drug therapy, the treatment is different from conventional oral drug therapy. It is the drug through the meridians and penetrate directly to the kidney, can increase the permeability of the glomerular basement membrane, the deposition of attachment complexes and damaging substances remove immune above, repair pathological injury of kidney, improve renal blood perfusion. After about a week of treatment, the patient can see that they will be discharged from the urine of some floc sediment, which is mainly to destroy the immune complex of the kidney. Early sediment will be more rows, with the gradual repair of the kidney, immune complexes will be less and less, only the pathological damage of the kidney was completely repaired, the condition can go to the root, not easy to repeat. And safe without any side effects, clinical has tens of thousands of cases of patients suffering from kidney disease.

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