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Got nephritis to go to China the best nephrosis hospital can

2017-05-04 10:44

When diagnosed with primary chronic nephritis can be cured? Everyone for such problems, understanding is not enough, as everyone knows, at present, because of chronic nephritis, to the majority of the patients have brought a lot of anxiety, especially in primary glomerulonephritis with them, to the end of primary can cure chronic nephritis? Got nephritis to go to China the best nephrosis hospital can cure? Let's look at the introduction of authoritative experts!

Is the patient's kidney function nephritis appear problem, generally only kidney injury is lighter, urinary protein, occult blood and other symptoms, the treatment is relatively easy. General use of Western medicine in the treatment of nephritis, urinary protein and occult blood in time but easy to control, but also in the cold, infection recurrence, disease is constantly repeated in the development of the latter, anemia, severe hypertension, nausea and vomiting, eventually developed into uremia.

Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine experts pointed out: the primary glomerulonephritis (Dan Bainiao notes: diet intake, salt intake and calorie intake) of primary glomerulonephritis with high protein diet can promote glomerular sclerosis as soon as possible; and restrict protein intake can significantly retard renal damage progression deterioration. However, proteins are essential nutrients for the human body. When patients with primary nephritis have high blood pressure, edema and heart failure, such as the performance of the moment, the need to strictly limit the intake of salt, 3 grams / day. Low salt diet is beneficial to reduce blood pressure and diuresis.

For nephritis can cure it, Shandong Weifang Funeng nephropathy hospital experts pointed out: the primary glomerulonephritis regular treatment, not luck Remedise primary glomerulonephritis longer history, often takes a long time to adhere to treatment, good treatment effect can be achieved, but some primary glomerulonephritis patients or their families too impatient, want to cure a short period of time. So the primary glomerulonephritis patients or their families during the treatment are often subject to some "Prescriptions" "prescription" temptation, not only money but delay treatment, aggravate the disease, in the past, chronic kidney disease is a refractory disease, the development of modern medicine in primary glomerulonephritis had better treatment.

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