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How does the patient of chronic nephritis in spring prevent

2017-05-04 11:14

The prevention of colds, chronic nephritis, nephritis, and cold to the coming of spring, the spring temperature difference between day and night, dry wind, there are a lot of patients at this time is prone to colds, as patients with chronic nephritis once had an easily lead to relapse, so how to prevent colds with the body, look at the following spring in patients chronic nephritis how to prevent colds? One is the emotion, not because of persistent disease in patients with chronic nephritis and irritable or depressed and angry, because of a decline in depression, depression, downhearted also often causes immunity and resistance, resulting in cold induced. Two it is reasonable to enhance physical fitness: neither all remote nor fatigue, completely bedridden, according to their physical condition, rest, activity or work to not feel fatigue degree, should be appropriate to relax, only learn to rest, rest and exercise reasonable arrangements, in order to prevent colds. The three is a cold attention to temperature changes, to keep abreast of changes in temperature, know the weather, to avoid feeling cold, cool or cold when you want to add clothing. Not in public places and air pollution in the environment, to avoid infection. Don't work or study in an air-conditioned room in the summer. Four is the appropriate amount of water, to prevent dry lit: we must pay attention to diet rich nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing a large number of vitamins, to maintain smooth stool, do daily 1 ~ 2 times. Prevention of fire is also a method to prevent colds.

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