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Nephritis renal failure, how to treat the treatment of renal

2017-05-04 11:21

In 2013 for treatment of herpes zoster in the local infusion, after the emergence of progressive systemic edema, night not supine, findings of urinary protein (2+) of occult blood (2+), serum creatinine 216umol/L blood urea nitrogen 9.1mmol/L, diagnosis of nephritis, renal insufficiency, symptomatic treatment, edema subsided, after to the Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Tongji University do renal biopsy showed: severe mesangial proliferative nephritis, glomerular filtration rate of 63ml/min in 2004 to our hospital admission, serum creatinine 179.2umol/L, hemoglobin 133g/L, urinary protein (3+), glomerular filtration rate 34ml/min. The right kidney stones and hydronephrosis history, engaged in carpentry work, often stay up late to work overtime. Chronic glomerulonephritis chronic renal failure

In Shijiazhuang the kidney from the diet, rest, medicine and other aspects of attitude adjustment, with oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine in the body environment, three dimensional needle injection of transfer factor, improve body resistance, inhibition of tripterygium glycosides renal local immune response, combined with intermediate frequency electric pulse therapy and traditional Chinese medicine through directional renal perfusion, increased renal basement membrane permeability discharge, immune complexes, repair renal structure, recovery of renal function, and intestinal detoxification, liver protection, anti infection and symptomatic treatment.

The patients in our hospital before had renal biopsy, kidney ECT examination, the condition is very clear, in the local and Shanghai hospitals were given symptomatic treatment and detoxification, decreased the level of serum creatinine, but also increased, leads to very heavy burden of patients after admission, according to this situation, we first thought with counseling. The points for the existence of patients, establish the confidence to overcome the disease, through the complex renal medicine treatment, less than 3 months of testing serum creatinine to normal region.

Through this case, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital: for early stage renal failure patients taking drugs, enema intestinal detoxification can reduce the serum creatinine value, but not the kidney, serum creatinine level in a period of time can be reduced, but it will eventually rebound, with friends need to get out of this not only pay attention to kidney detoxification misunderstanding, only through the complex renal medicine can improve renal function itself, the kidney detoxification increased, blood creatinine will drop from the root, the disease will be controlled fundamentally, will not rebound.

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