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Patients with chronic nephritis can get married and have chi

2017-05-04 11:44
Guo Bao Guo Fu Wei Li pointed out: chronic nephritis is a relatively high incidence of a disease in clinical, most patients are more familiar with this. There are a lot of young women patients will worry about the disease will not affect their future marriage, and so on, worried that can cure the disease. So chronic nephritis patients can get married to children? To solve this problem, we come together to listen to the Shandong Weifang kidney disease hospital experts answer.
We know that chronic nephritis, also known as chronic glomerulonephritis, it is a kind of proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension and other major manifestations of glomerular disease. Patients with chronic nephritis can be married to children? The answer is yes, but there is a premise, you will need to restore stability after the illness. Why? Because some patients have recovered when illness, was pregnant, on the one hand, if you are patients, easy to cause the problem of fetal malformation, especially the use of hormone therapy in patients during treatment is prohibited to children; on the other hand, if the condition is not restored, once after pregnancy can aggravate the kidney the burden of a lot of nephritis patients because of pregnancy resulting in illness progressed to the stage of renal failure, eventually the child is unable to keep the. Therefore, patients with chronic nephritis should be careful when considering pregnancy.
So how can we allow the recovery of patients with chronic nephritis? The conventional treatment with Jinshuibao, Huangkui capsule, bailing capsule, Lei Gongteng, hormones and other drugs, although can temporarily help patients control protein, occult blood, but it is often difficult to root, the reason is that the effects of these drugs is just from the surface of control index, but not fundamentally repair the kidney internal the damage, so once the cold, tired, it is easy to appear repeatedly.

Shandong Weifang kidney disease hospital complex (Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine) after years of continuous research, the creation of a global and local through drug therapy for the core technology of Guo Bao Ye complex theoretical system of medicine to repair the kidney, treatment focuses on the kidney internal, rather than as a kind of pure soil treatment control index. It is based on the principle of external treatment for internal diseases, the drug absorption through the way of direct kidney internal, immune complexes deposited on glomerular filtration membrane, repair the damaged basal membrane, improve renal blood perfusion, allowing patients to return to health. As long as the internal injury of the kidney has been repaired, the patient's condition has been completely restored, in this case can be married to the child.

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