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How to prevent the recurrence of chronic nephritis in winter

2017-05-04 11:48
This is the vast majority of patients with chronic nephritis in the hearts of common questions. Chronic nephritis is a kind of disease with latent, slow progress and easily recurrent glomerular disease. Due to chronic nephritis in today's society, the increasing incidence, many patients have long been plagued by chronic nephritis, many patients in all over the country to run large hospital for treatment, not only did not achieve the desired effect, but the back of a debt, so they will have this question: how to prevent the recurrence of chronic nephritis in winter? How to treat chronic nephritis?
To solve the above problems, I will look at the experience of a real doctor from Shandong, Heze. Lee is 56 years old this year, he was in 1980 because of a tired after the discovery of edema, so go to the hospital to check and found the condition of nephritis. Local doctors advised him to stay in hospital, so Mr. Li in the local hospital received intravenous anti-inflammatory drugs, oral hormone drugs (prednisone) treatment. After 20 days in hospital, the urine protein disappeared, Mr. Lee thought that the condition is good, then discharged home. However, after a cold, and found a swelling of the lower extremities, so he went to the hospital for review, the results showed that urinary protein and 2+. In desperation, Mr. Lee went to a well-known hospital in Beijing for treatment, but the drugs used in the same local hospital with him, the treatment effect is not too ideal, the disease has been repeatedly.
So, for the treatment of chronic nephritis, Mr. Lee in the hospital back and forth for more than and 10 years, but always repeated, Mr. Li was also lost confidence in the treatment of illness tortured, at Lee ready to give up the time of treatment, he heard from the villagers in Shandong Weifang has a complex kidney disease hospital experience what is in the treatment of the disease, he is the fellow in Weifang can be optimistic about the complex kidney disease hospital. Lee heard the news, naturally excited, but because of the long-term treatment experience, so he still has a lot of concerns.
So he first with Shandong Weifang kidney disease hospital doctor Zhang made contact, want to know. After hearing the Medical Doctor Zhang Li, he gave him a detailed analysis of the treatment of some misunderstandings existing in the process of the treatment of nephritis: the most important is the need for internal kidney pathological damage repair, and Mr. Zhang previously used drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones are only from the surface to control protein and occult blood, but for glomerular basement membrane internal damage did not play a role in repair, and some immune kidney internal deposition of damaging substances have not been discharged. Like a pocket full of rice, which is mixed with some nails, the nails to pocket a puncture, the meter will leak out, and if we just put up the nail puncturing holes, and don't take out a nail or nails, apparently put pocket puncture. Shandong Weifang Funeng nephropathy hospital take the whole and local through drug therapy, can increase the permeability of glomerular filtration membrane, the deposition of immune complexes in the discharge of its surface, is removed the inside of the nail, then the glomerular basement membrane damage repair, restore its normal structure, only the kidney pathological damage repair the patients, in order to restore health.

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