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Nephritis caused renal failure is not good? Why does the hig

2017-05-04 11:52

Nephritis caused renal failure, is not good governance? Systemic edema, to Changsha hospital treatment, creatinine from more than and 300 to the present more than and 600, why has been down? The doctor also can't find out is acute chronic for a while said to be uremia, for a while to say bad, my family are anxious to die, nephritis caused renal failure is not good? Why does the high level of blood creatinine of kidney failure fall down?

When the serum creatinine increased, it was suggested that the pathological damage of the kidney was nearly half, which resulted in the decrease of renal glomerular filtration rate and the excretion of the toxin. For chronic kidney disease, kidney tissue for complete necrosis is irreversible, now the treatment is not completely control the progression of the disease, save the injured kidney tissue, improve glomerular filtration rate, protect renal function, prevention of complications. Does the patient have high blood pressure now? Age, to talk about the patient's condition, or to submit the results of the recent examination is helpful for patients with disease diagnosis and treatment guidance. (have the same condition can consult online doctor)

Related knowledge: blood creatinine, generally considered to be endogenous creatinine, endogenous creatinine is a product of human muscle metabolism. In the muscle, creatine is mainly formed by the irreversible non enzymatic dehydration reaction to form creatinine, and then released into the blood, with urinary excretion. Therefore, the relationship between serum creatinine and total body muscle is close, which is not easy to be influenced by diet. Creatinine is a small molecule, can be filtered through the glomerulus, very little absorption in the renal tubule, the daily production of creatinine, almost all with urinary excretion, generally unaffected by urine volume. Clinical detection of serum creatinine is one of the main methods to understand renal function.

Nephritis caused renal failure is not good?

For now the patient condition, can recommend that you check the characteristic method for kidney disease treated in our hospital, the Chinese medicine can treat complex dialectical method, it is a direct effect on renal lesions, renal cells repair is not completely damaged, Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine in single photon nuclear medicine kidney diagnostic instrument ECT - kidney dynamic observation of renal blood perfusion, clear the degree of renal damage, precise lesions. Give a person a drug for the patient's condition, the pathological damage in the external instrument under the effect of topical application of ionic drugs to repair incomplete injury principle directly to lesions of the kidney tissue, and regulating the body immunity, so people -- body - kidney, overall local treatment in order to obtain the prize for progress in science and technology and traditional Chinese Medicine Quality Supervision Bureau the approval of drugs, and patients in the treatment of renal complex "manual", the change of treatment, drugs, pay attention to the living environment, diet, change yourself, let in the treatment of disease naturally under the effect of better clinical curative effect to.

So for nephritis caused by renal failure is not good governance? Why does the high level of blood creatinine of kidney failure fall down?" This problem, we can only open to the majority of patients with nephropathy said: after patients throughout our hospital are certainly optimistic look bad, because each person's physical condition, are very difficult to make each patients can be satisfied, and this is not what good to hide however, it is undeniable that many patients do not adhere to medication, efficacy than medication to many of the poor.

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