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What how to treat the symptoms of chronic renal insufficienc

2017-05-04 15:44
What are the symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency? How to treat? Renal insufficiency may be caused by a variety of reasons, is the result of the development of kidney disease to a certain extent, the damage to the body is very obvious.So, how can the early prevention and judgment? Let's take a look at it. What are the symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency? How to treat? Know the symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency, let's look at what is chronic renal insufficiency it.The occurrence of chronic renal insufficiency is a disease in a variety of chronic kidney disease later.Kidney dysfunction, the retention of metabolite water-electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders as the main performance, in accordance with the degree of renal damage can be divided into four period: the period with normal renal function; \ Renal insufficiency compensation phase; (Azotemic stage; (With uremia. A variety of chronic kidney disease can lead to kidney dysfunction, including chronic glomerular nephritis, chronic pyelonephritis and renal arteriolar sclerosis caused by the relatively rare.In addition, renal tuberculosis urinary tract calculi, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, high uric acid blood disease, a variety of drugs and the heavy metal-induced interstitial nephritis. The symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency, Early anorexia, Abdominal discomfort, nasty, vomiting, after fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure, anemia, skin pruritus polyuria oliguria, sleeping late, agitated, delirium twitch, convulsion the performance of coma. What are the symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency? How to treat? Shandong Weifang the complex-energy-which kidney disease hospital is the complex of renal medicine ion-introduction Therapy Is the overall view of traditional Chinese medicine Based on the thought of balance and treatment based on syndrome differentiation Based on the theory of modern immunology That the whole heart, Liver, spleen, lung, Renal organs, immune balance of internal environment of Qi and blood, Yin and Yang Dredges the channels and collaterals Adjustable chang angry machine To repair the organ, Through a series of classical effects of traditional Chinese medicine symptoms Compound liquid immunity equilibrium therapy and ion superconducting strengthen the system of speed-up triple therapy to correct immune, humoral, endocrine disorders and imbalances. The complex-energy of kidney medicine ion-introduction therapy in the treatment of the three systems each one, Mutually reinforcing, Internal diseases treated with external therapy, The symptoms and the cause, A variety of rehabilitation means of differentiation of the election party, Multi-component, multi-target, In many ways, the overall adjustment to restore the environmental balance of Yin and yang within the body, correct the disorder of the body's immune and metabolic disorders, to achieve the dynamic balance of physiological functions of Zang-fu in order to cure the disease. What are the symptoms of chronic renal insufficiency? How to treat? Experts suggested that nephrotic control treatment in patients with early disease, but also regular inspection, pay attention to the cultivation of good habits.If you have any questions, you can online reference, available online at left (Xinhua)--the Advisory, the expert will be an obligation to you in detail.Hope you will recover soon.

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